A woman finds herself trapped and she finds herself trying to find a way out in this thriller from director Tyler Lee Allen.

Nell is a young woman who awakens one day and finds herself in a room. Sporting a uniform with a number “9”, she also finds one of the walls having a number “9” written on the wall. As she tries to figure things out, she hears a mysterious voice from the room next to her. The voice identifies himself as Travis and like Nell, he has also been kidnapped and stuck in a room. As Travis seems to advise Nell on what to do, Nell begins to question things and she asks herself whether she should go along with what Travis thinks. Nell soon begins to wonder if she can escape the harsh reality that has befallen upon her.

Having done a load of supporting roles in many indie films for nearly a decade, this is the film that should be the breakout for KateLynn E. Newberry. A film in the “claustrophobic” realm of thrillers, bringing to mind films like Rodrigo Cortes’ Buried and Lenny Abrahamson’s Room, Newberry takes the reins as our protagonist Nell, who we see trapped in a room. Newberry does an amazing job as the woman who attempts to find a way to escape.

Lanny Joon does some great voiceover work as Travis, a mysterious figure who is reminiscent of Cillian Murphy’s Jackson in the late Wes Craven’s Red Eye. Like Jackson, Travis tends to be both charming and yet he does tries to make Nell question things about whether she is making the right decision. With the exception of the first three minutes and final five minutes, Nell is the driving force of the film. However, things really come to a head when a jaw-dropping twist changes the course of the film, and that twist comes in the final five minutes.

Isolated churns out an emotional and breakout performance from KateLynn E. Newberry. With excellent support by Lanny Joon in voice form, Newberry is destined for lead roles and this film is the steppingstone to that road.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents an UltiMedia Production Group film. Director: Tyler Lee Allen. Producers: Tyler Lee Allen, Michael Ferree, and Greg Kraus. Writer: Michael Ferree. Cinematography: Greg Kraus. Editing: Greg Kraus.

Cast: KateLynn E. Newberry, Lanny Joon, David Solomon Abrams.