Five years after Russ Thorn slashed his way through a slumber party, his ghost takes form of a rock n roller in this fun as hell sequel!

The fallout from the incident involving serial killer Russ Thorn resulted in Valerie Bates going to a mental institution. Her little sister Courtney, who also helped put an end to the original “slumber party massacre”, is now grown up and she still has recurring nightmares. The guitar player of a local rock band with friends Amy, Sheila, and Sally, Courtney also has a huge crush on local boy Matt, who reciprocates his feelings for her. When she is invited to go to Sheila’s family’s condo for the weekend, she decides to go.

Upon her arrival with her friends, they are surprised when they see T.J. and Jeff, Sheila and Amy’s boyfriends respectively. Matt arrives to see Courtney as well. However, Courtney’s nightmares soon become insane daydreams that begin to get the best of her. On her birthday, Matt and Courtney celebrate together and soon enough, Courtney’s nightmares become real as the man she helped kill has been reborn as a rockabilly guitar player with an auger at the end of his guitar. And this demented musician is ready to pick up where he left off.

Five years after we saw the original Slumber Party Massacre, a sequel was inevitable. With Deborah Brock taking the reins as both writer and director, she came up with a very novel concept. Aside from connecting this sequel to the original with the little sister of our original protagonist now the lead, she decided to bring back Russ Thorn, but in a new form. That of a Andrew Dice Clay-sporting rock and roller with a guitar, complete with a drill bit at the end of his instrument.

Sadly, Jennifer Meyers doesn’t reprise her role of Courtney Bates, which would have proven to be pretty cool. However, a suitable replacement is found in Crystal Bernard, who would go on to star in the hit series Wings in the late 80s and early 90s and was actually a singer, which fits perfectly with the character of Courtney as a musician. One little problem. She sadly doesn’t sing the songs she is involved with. She and cohorts Kimberly MacArthur, Juliette Cummins, and Heidi Kozak lip-sync the songs from an indie rock band called “Wednesday Week”.

However, the big surprise comes in the form of Atanas Ilitch as the reborn “rockabilly” version of Russ Thorn. He has to be one of the most fun-loving killers in the history of horror cinema. While Freddy Krueger has had his share of wisecracks throughout the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, this Driller Killer gets to break out in a song and dance number at one point right before he drills into one of his victims. This scene is definitely a curveball and helps break from the seriousness of the original. But it is so much fun to watch as we see Ilitch, who looks like he could be Andrew Dice Clay’s twin brother, spew out rock n’ roll style one-liners while drilling holes in his victims.

Slumber Party Massacre II may take away from the seriousness of the original, but the heck with it. We have a fun as hell rock n rolling driller killer who even treats the audience to a song before killing…you can’t go wrong with that!


A Concorde production. Director: Deborah Brock. Producers: Deborah Brock and Don Daniel. Writer: Deborah Brock. Cinematography: Thomas L. Callaway. Editing: William Flicker.

Cast: Crystal Bernard, Kimberly MacArthur, Juliette Cummings, Heidi Kozak, Patrick Lowe, Joel Hoffman, Scott Westmoreland, Atanas Ilitch, Michael DeLano.