Horror icon Felissa Rose is back as a new kind of evil in this tale of a returning nun out to haunt a group of friends.

A group of friends head to a small secluded area where Ashley, a college student, is planning a thesis on an urban legend. She takes along her sister Gabby, Gabby’s boyfriend Anthony, and the nerdy Michael. Ashley is studying the legend of Sister Monday, a notorious nun who was believed to have been located at a nearby abandoned prison. When the prison was occupied, it is believed that Sister Monday would kill the prisoners in horrific fashion.

Despite objections from Gabby, who always felt Ashley was jealous of her, the group heads to the prison. During her investigation, Ashley begins to experience visions. This sets off a course of turbulent arguments between the sisters, who let their air out at each other with Michael and Anthony caught in the middle. As Angela delves deeper into the legend of Sister Monday, things begin to go awry for this group and they soon learn that the nun may be alive and well after all.

At 74 minutes, this is a short and sweet horror film that is a slow burning film filled with crazy flashbacks. The story of a group forced to stay into an abandoned prison with a history. The group consists of an eclectic cast of characters. Emily Edwards is the highlight in the role of young Ashley-Kae, who is told by her dad the story of Sister Monday and is inspired to do her thesis on this urban legend. She is the most likable and sympathetic character in the film as you can only feel for her.

This is unlike the more arrogant older sister Gabby, played by Kristi Ray. She is so cocky and thrives on making Ashley’s life insane. They get into a petty argument over their schools, in which Ashley refuses to submit to Gabby’s vicious attitude and makes her own comeback with a warning to Anthony, played by Damian Maffei. One can only feel bad for Anthony and Michael, played by Gunner Willis, at times because they find themselves in the middle of the sisters’ arguments.

The highlight though comes in the form of Sister Monday herself. Seen through flashbacks, we see Sister Monday coming towards prisoners and letting them atone for their sins. Sister Monday is played by horror icon Felissa Rose, best known for her role as Angela Baker in Sleepaway Camp. When we see her ways of offing the prisoners, it is quite exciting to watch and if that’s not bad enough, the last moments of the film see the resurrected Sister Monday letting out the scares. And they are quite insane but of course we do have a few twists that keep the story going until its final scene.

A Nun’s Curse may be a slow burn, but it helps the viewer get a full understanding of the story and see horror icon Felissa Rose do what she does best: unleash the scares.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Horse Creek Productions film. Director: Tommy Faircloth. Producers: Tommy Faircloth and Robert Zobel. Writer: Tommy Faircloth. Cinematography: Tommy Faircloth. Editing: Tommy Faircloth.

Cast: Felissa Rose, Emily Edwards, Damian Maffei, Kristi Ray, Gunner Willis.