Maine (2018)

A woman’s quest to find herself takes an unexpected turn in this drama from writer-director Matthew Brown. Bluebird is a married Spanish woman who is traveling in the Appalachian Mountains in a quest to find herself. She meets a man named Lake, who like her, is also on the trail to find himself. She warms […]

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Unlovable (2018)

A woman finds a new outlet to overcome her addictions in this dramedy that features original songs from its co-star. Joy is a woman who has a major problem. The co-host of a children’s TV show, she finds herself in a stable relationship with co-star and boyfriend Ben. However, her biggest issue involves being promiscuous. […]

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Blockers (2018)

This raucous film features hilarious moments from the trio of Leslie Mann, John Cena, and Ike Barinholtz. Since being best friends as kids, Julie, Sam, and Kayla have always bonded. When Julie tells her friends she plans to lose her virginity to her boyfriend Austin on prom night, Kayla agrees to join Julie and lost […]

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