A woman goes to great lengths to escape from her captor in this psychological thriller from filmmaker Savvas Christou.

Lily and Neil are a couple who are escaping from Lily’s abusive stepfather. Hiding in the woods, they accidentally get separated. When Lily is searching for Neil, she finds a house. Going there, she asks the owner, Evan, for help. Instead of helping her, Evan kidnaps her as he is unhinged. He is convinced that Lily is his long-lost daughter, Katherine, who ran away from home a while back. Thinking Katherine has returned, Evan picks up where he left off.

Evan, a retired track coach, pushes Lily to train and begin running. Along the way, Lily finds Katherine’s diary and slowly begins to realize why Katherine had run away. Evan had pushed Katherine and controlled her every move. This led to a dissention between Evan and his brother Jeff as well as his wife, Ivy, who left due to Evan’s controlling ways. Lily soon realizes the only way to possibly escape her captor is to pretend to be Katherine long enough before making a move.

Written, co-produced, and directed by Savvas Christou, this is a very intriguing and psychological thriller about a woman who escapes one crazy father and finds herself in the midst of another crazy father. However, she goes to great lengths to try to escape from her new captor by posing as the kidnapper’s estranged daughter and learns how to act towards him.

The film is driven by the performances of leads William Kircher and Tori Kostic as Eva and Lily. Kircher brings a very insane performance as the unhinged Evan , whose ego is the reason why he lost both his wife and daughter. With thinking that his daughter is back, he goes back to his demented ways. He pushes her to train for running again and once again shows his estrangement from his brother, who tries to reason with him.

As for Kostic’s Lily, she has enough trouble dealing with one relationship as we see in flashbacks with her abusive stepfather and now, she’s pretty much back to square one when she encounters Evan. However, unlike her past experiences, she decides to play it smart this time around. And just when you think things start to slowly progress, a shocking twist happens within the final ten minutes of the film.

Captive is a pretty good psychological thriller between a kidnapper who is unhinged and his victim, who decides to play off as his estranged daughter. William Kircher and Tori Kostic’s performances are the reason to see this film.


Vertical Entertainment presents a Katherine’s Lullaby production. Director: Savvas Christou. Producers: Savvas Christou and Melissa Gutierrez. Writer: Savvas Christou. Cinematography: Manuel Velasquez. Editing: Javad Emami.

Cast: William Kircher, Tori Kostic, Jairus Carey, Jolene Andersen, Meghan Hanako, Chris Barry, David Lee Hess.