Not only will Leatherface be returning in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, but fans will see the return of the original “final girl” herself, Sally Hardesty.

Sadly, while the new film, which will retcon all the entire franchise and be set after the original 1974 classic horror film, will not have original stars Marilyn Burns and Gunnar Hansen as they had passed away respectively in 2014 and 2015, the fact we will see the return of Sally Hardesty may be enough to attract fans of the original.

Replacing Burns as the now elderly Sally Hardesty is Irish actress Olwen Fouere (1st set, top left), who appeared in WorldFilmGeek’s #1 of 2018, Mandy, as well as the horror film Sea Fever. Fouere seems to have a bit of a resemblance that would fit the character of an elderly Sally Hardesty. What will be Sally’s purpose in the new film? It remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the burning question is who will be the new Leatherface? While the late Gunnar Hansen will be forever known for the original role, it has been announced that Mark Burnham (2nd set, bottom right) will be playing Leatherface. Burnham is a well-respected actor who has worked with some of the best and most well respected names in Hollywood. He has a very excellent range when it comes to acting so it will be really great to see how he holds up wearing the skin mask and wielding the chainsaw.

Producer Fede Alvarez also praised the production and has told fans that with director David Blue Garcia‘s vision, Alvarez is planning to give the same tone he had done with his 2013 breakout remake of The Evil Dead. He promises all practical effects, zero digital effects, and the use of vintage lenses to give the film an old school vibe. With Garcia and Alvarez working together, it sounds promising.

The film will revolve around two sisters, the elder a businesswoman who takes her disabled younger sister on a trip to Texas, where they are bound to find themselves face to face with a now 60s-year old Leatherface. Nell Hudson and Ellie Fisher play the sisters while Jacob Latimore, Sarah Yarkin, Alice Krige, Sam Douglas, Moe Dunford, Jessica Allain, and Jolyon Coy co-star. Garcia directed the film from a script by Chris Thomas Devlin with Alvarez, Rode Sayagues, original TCM co-creator Kim Henkel and his son Ian Henkel serving as producers.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is currently in post-production and plans are set for the film to be released later this year from Legendary Pictures.

Source: Bloody Disgusting