A man finds his passion for his favorite sport reignited by some very unlikely sources in this heartwarming family film.

Fifteen years ago, Joe Bona’s life changed forever. An avid golfer with lifelong dreams of going pro, the deaths of his wife and children from a car accident had sent Joe to a downward spiral. As much as he misses the game, he just doesn’t have it in him to get back into it. However, things are about to change for Joe when he meets his precocious ten-year old neighbor Sarah, who is living with her grandmother after the passing of her parents. He also gets visits from Graham Scott, a one-time professional golfer who has long since retired.

As Joe begins to find himself reinvigorated and passionate about the game again thanks to the support of Graham and Susan, Joe slowly learns to find one other thing again. And that’s love. When local waitress Jennifer sees Joe again after many years, Joe slowly finds himself reconnecting with her. Joe also finds his love of the game reignited when he meets pro golfer Sean McLaw, who helps Joe and offers him advice. Along with Graham, Sean, Sarah, and Jennifer, Joe is ready to compete in the Arizona Open, which should he win, will allow him to finally live the dream that’s been held back for fifteen years.

A road to redemption film can always been heartwarming or sometimes, in the case of certain action films, major butt kicking. Here, we have a case of the former as we feel nothing but the utmost sympathy and respect for the central character of Joe Bona, played by actor/producer Michael Saquella.

Saquella is great in the role of Joe, a widower who slowly finds his passion for gold again. We see him in flashbacks of the tragedy that nearly derails his dream. He is not seen as a bitter man despite one small outburst when 10-year old Sarah walks in his house and notices his prized golf ball. That tension goes away quickly upon learning that Sarah, like Joe, lost her loved ones and the two forge a bond that sees Joe act as a father figure for Sarah. Kudos goes to newcomer Alexa Lohman, who has such great chemistry with Saquella in their scenes together.

Heidi Kaplan and Greg Lutz add to the mix as more support for Joe in the forms of potential love interest Jennifer and the mysterious Graham respectively. The reason why Graham is quite an enigma is that he appears in and out to help Joe’s passion get reignited. It is very strange to see him at the most opportune times. What’s really surprising is Richard Grieco’s appearance as pro golfer Sean, who serves as a mentor and ally of Joe’s. Sean is the type of character who despite having fame as a pro, has respect for those who wishes to live the dream and it is when Joe asks how can he get someone to play alongside someone like him, Sean welcomes him with open arms. It is that effect that will want to make someone’s passion get ignited even more, especially when it comes time for a tournament.

Dream Round is the type of film that should be seen by anyone who has a dream they may have lost and need a bit of a jolt to reignite. Michael Saquella and cast do a great job with this story of dreams and redemption.


Random Media presents a Cactus Blue Productions film. Director: Dusty Dukatz. Producers: Michael Saquella, Richard Grieco, Lisa Huston, and Lenny Mesi. Writers: Michael Saquella and Lisa Huston. Cinematography: Colten Dietz. Editing: John P.M. Higgins.

Cast: Michael Saquella, Heidi Kaplan, Richard Grieco, Greg Lutz, Alexa Lohman, Ray Russo, Babe McGuire, Mary Ann Olson, Craig Matthew.