Two estranged friends reunite and find themselves in a situation that threatens to destroy their reunion once and for all in this indie thriller.

Having lost their connection for a few years, Amanda and Lynese have reunited. Amanda is set to get married and yet she has feelings for someone she met in college. As Amanda feels conflicted, Lynese is determined to keep their friendship intact. However, the town they grew up in has changed dramatically. A mob boss has discovered a briefcase of his money has gone missing. He hires a hitman, Calm, to find the ones responsible.

Lynese finds herself having the briefcase from an old friend of hers, who was connected to the mob boss. Amanda realizes that she has now found herself in an even more complicated situation. Forced to go on the run, Amanda and Lynese must find a way to get rid of the briefcase. Meanwhile, Case finds himself relentlessly pursuing the duo, who find not only their friendship at risk once again, but even worse, their lives are at stake. Will they be able to escape the clutches of the mob, the hitman, and the small town they grew up in? Or will it eat them alive and leave them dead?

From director William Chaffin comes this very interesting tale of two estranged friends whose reunion complicates things when they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. Where many of these films are set in big cities, Chaffin makes the fact well known that this is set in small town America makes it more the interesting. The fictional town of Syndicate, Ohio is rightfully called it because we do have a mob boss involved and a deadly hitman and when you have a boss’ briefcase stolen, you know bad things are going to happen.

The film’s shot on perhaps phone or handheld camera quality brings to mind the likes of another indie filmmaker, Franklin Correa, whose action films are filmed in a similar style. Despite the quality, the protagonist duo of Shalie Hull and Ashlyn Porter as Amanda and Lynese is the driving force behind the film. They have reunited with both feeling senses of conflict. In the case of Amanda, it’s about her getting married and yet she has feelings for another man while Lynese is from the wrong side of the tracks, as it is she who is given the briefcast that’s set to change their lives.

Kudos goes to Kyle Hotz in the role of Calm, a tough as nails hitman hired by the mob boss to track down the duo. He can be both cool and collected and at other times, very psychotic. In other words, his name of Calm is one that a midway point between his manners. Some of the acting in the film is qhat you would expect in this type of film. Some of the acting is a bit meh, but in the case of our main characters and the hitman, they were great and kept the film going for its 75-minute running time.

Streets of Syndicate, Ohiois quite an indie wild ride about two friends’ reunion threatened by the actions of one and her connections. Shalie Hull, Ashlyn Porter, and Kyle Hotz really help make the film watchable with William Chaffin’s direction and script having some good twists along the way.


Random Media presents a Few Man Crew Films production. Director: William Chaffin. Producer: William Chaffin. Writers: William Chaffin and Len Smith. Cinematography: Nick Schultz. Editing: William Chaffin.

Cast: Shalie Huff, Ashlyn Porter, Kyle Hotz, DeWayne Pitts, Brahm Corstanje, Christian Thesken, Seth Medlin, Christina Lambert, Landis Helwig, Misty M. Jump, Gary Chinn.

The film will be released on Demand and Digital on August 11, 2020.