A reluctant hero is set to emerge with a great sidekick in this animated feature film feature a great voice cast.

In 1969, Buddy is a dog who has been chosen to become the test subject for a space expedition. When his owner, David, assures Buddy everything will be okay due to the suit he created for him, Buddy takes the mission at hand. However, once he hits space Buddy ends up zapped with a laser and passes out. 50 years has passed, and Buddy, who hasn’t aged due to the accident, awakens and finds himself in the small town of Glenfield.

In Glenfield, he is shocked to see humans scared of him. Shortly afterwards, Buddy finds himself stopped by a mysterious animal who calls himself TurboCat. TurboCat is Felix, a proud hero who warns Buddy that since his arrival in Glenfield, Officer Peck has convinced everyone that all animals are dangerous. With the help of Cassidy, a rabbit agent and Todd, a scientist who may have a way to stop Peck along with Victor, an abandoned pug who constantly gets in trouble, Buddy, who becomes StarDog, and TurboCat must find a way to convince humans that animals are all not dangerous.

An animal “Batman and Robin” if you will, this is a very funny animated family film with a message that while some animals can be deemed dangerous, not all are. With a superhero edge to things, the film revolves around a dog who has been in a 50-year time warp and is given powers he doesn’t know he has and finds himself unexpectedly teaming up with a smart-alecky tech-driven cat who comes off as arrogant and at times, lazy.

The voice cast is great in this film. Luke Evans is hilarious as Felix aka TurboCat, who finds himself thinking he is some sort of Batman. In a hilarious scene, Felix shows Buddy all of his gadgets and the way they are done, it is hilariously seen in a pompous way. Nick Frost is wonderful as the desperate Buddy, who despite his new status and reappearing 50 years after his introduction, he only wants to find his owner once again and reunite with him. These two have an Odd Couple-like relationship at first but learn that they can work together through the power of the “animal eyes”. One of the funniest bits involves Felix being forced to give the kitty eyes to a human to get on her good graces because it is not like Felix to do such a thing.

Gemma Arterton is great as Cassidy, a rabbit whose sheer toughness and will attracts Felix in a crush sort of ways while Bill Nighy is the Alfred version of Felix, in this case, the robot servant Sinclair. Viral star Charli D’Amelio is Tinker, a mouse whose use of gadgetry doesn’t get much recognition and it eventually leads to one of some instances of a running gag to the film. The running gag in question? The long scream from afar. It gets done by various characters throughout the film. There is a nice little twist that changes the whole game and it is up to our heroes to save the day.

StarDog and TurboCat is a fun family adventure that has comic chaos and fun action filled with a nice twist in the story plus an excellent voice cast that helps mold the action and comedy quite well.


Viva Films presents a Head Gear Films/Metrol Technology production in association with Red Star 3D, Particular Crowd, Brilliant Casting, and Screen Yorkshire. Director: Ben Smith. Producers: Ben Smith, Jan Rogowski, and Mayank Jhalani. Writer: Ben Smith.

Voice Cast: Luke Evans, Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton, Bill Nighy, Charli D’Amelio, Morgan Cambs, Cory English, Dan Russell, Robert G. Slade, Ben Smith.