Two buddies find themselves in a dire situation in his funny action-comedy from actor/filmmaker David Wall.

Moses and Fink are two friends who live in the middle of the desert as they hope to find a lost treasure. The treasure involves a ship that is believed to hold a fortune in gold. For Moses, its just about finding the money to start his life over while for Fink, he hopes to score a long-lost love with the money. As they are looking to find the treasure, a drug lord known as El Guapo has been wreaking all sorts of havoc and sends out the Dancing Killer to find anyone who could have his money that he had hidden in the desert.

When Moses and Fink come across a bag with over $300 million, they are more than excited. That is until on their route back, they accidentally clip and find a young girl, Maggie. Maggie was kidnapped by El Guapo and she made her escape. EL Guapo, learning that now both the money and Maggie are missing, sends out the Dancing Killer to find both his money and the girl. Meanwhile, Moses and Fink find themselves in a situation with the notion that they now must decide if they should be heroes and help Maggie escape El Guapo’s clutches. Or will they fall prey to the cartel?

Dreamers looking for a break? Check. Quirky supporting characters? Check. A crazy drug lord who thinks he’s Tony Montana? Check. A mute assassin who thrives with classical music? Check. This is the gist of David Wall’s action-comedy about two hapless dreamers who try to find a fortune in gold to start their lives anew. Wall does the pleasure of introducing of introducing each major character and a few supporting characters with the name and some of their quirks, a fun motif to the film.

Writer-director Wall and David Wysocki have such great comic chemistry as Fink and Moses. The best scenes between these involve Moses’ attempt to become an actor and says a line apparently from Lord of the Rings, in which he said he was fired for ruining the only line he was supposed to say. With Fink serving as the “director”, it’s hilarious considering that it’s Wall himself directing the film. In addition, the duo’s games of “Would You Rather?” are quite funny to watch, especially when Moses asks Fink if he would rather be a pig or a donkey.

Derek Severson’s Dancing Killer is another funny highlight of the film. Listening and doing his work only to classical music, he’s like a cross between the 2000 Charlie’s Angels’ mysterious Thin Man and the villain character of Yiu-Yeung, the Tung Sing assassin in Young and Dangerous IV. Garrett Marchbank’s El Guapo is one of the funniest drug lords in films because one, he does his duties from his cell phone on a consistent basis and two, half the time, he’s underdressed for the job, making it more hilarious. And if that’s not funny enough, the final acts of the film, where everything plays out, will give you both a WTF moment and make you crack up at the same time.

Gold Dust thrives on the eclectic cast of characters in the film, a fun and wild story about finding treasure that becomes much more than that, and the chemistry between our two heroes makes this a fun film to check out.


High Octane Pictures presents an Oculi Production film. Director: David Wall. Producers: Richard J. Cook and David Wall. Writer: David Wall. Cinematography: Egor Povolotskiy. Editing: Alexander Babaev.

Cast: David Wysocki, David Wall, Derek Severson, Garrett Marchbank, Maggie Hough, Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, Burns Burns, Kerry Wall, Brennan Wall, Ron Ryan.