Two of Bollywood’s iconic action heroes finally come together in this thrilling action film that pays homage to some recent Hollywood franchises and a certain film from John Woo.

Years ago, Khalid Rahmani had worked hard to become an elite member of a military operative group led by Major Kabir. Kabir is considered the best of the best to India’s military. However, there is little doubt that Khalid will be able to make it because his father was once branded a traitor. When Kabir is kidnapped by a military terrorist group, Khalid is able to lead the team to rescue Kabir. However, when Kabir is able to track down the leader Ilyasi, a traitor among them is revealed in the form of Saurabh. Khalid chases Saurabh but Kabir is shot by Ilyasi’s man with the leader escaping.

The incident and the aftermath have forced Kabir to become a rogue agent. As he tracks down various military oppressors, a surviving Khalid is now forced to track down Kabir. However, Kabir vows to keep going with his mission and Khalid only has one question: why. As Khalid and Kabir play a cat-and-mouse game, something more is in store with these two as the once strong bond between them has become the biggest rivalry with the fate of India at their hands.

It has been a year in the making but the announcement of a film to star both Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff had Bollywood fans gasping for excitement. Roshan made a huge impact with his roles in Dhoom 2, Mission Kashmir, and of course the Krrish franchise. As for Shroff, since he made his film debut in Heropanti, the taekwondo black belt and physical trainer broke out with Baaghi and its even more superior sequel. So, what is the end result for their long-awaited team up? One of the best Bollywood action films to come out today.

As Major Kabir, Roshan plays the role in a way that is somewhat similar to his iconic “Mr. A”, Aryan Singh in Dhoom 2. He’s the antagonist but doesn’t show the mannerisms of a complete villain. As seen in his flashbacks, he is a team leader who treats his unit as family and despite his reservations, he does recruit the young Khalid, played by Shroff, to see if he is anything like his traitorous father. As for Shroff, he gets to showcase his martial arts skills when needed, including his trademark tornado kick, which looks like a graceful ballet move but still does well. As the protagonist, Shroff is always great to watch because he’s got that youthful side to him compared to Roshan’s veteran skills, causing the two to work well as both allies and rivals.

The piece de resistance of the film comes in the film’s blistering action sequences. With a total of four action directors, including The Dark Knight Trilogy’s Paul Jennings and Korea’s Oh Sea-young, the action scenes pay homage to some major franchises. One scene will remind viewers of Mission: Impossible where Roshan, to track down one of his targets, pulls the hanging on the side door of an airplane in mid-air. Another scene, a car chase in the Arctic Circle, pays homage to the recent Fate of the Furious and if you think that’s insane, wait until the third act when a reference to a certain John Woo film is revealed and sends shockwaves to the film as a whole.

War is one of the best Bollywood action films this year with Roshan and Shroff giving it their all in some exciting action scenes that pay tribute to some stellar franchises.


A Yash Raj Films production. Director: Siddharth Anand. Producer: Aditya Chopra. Writers: Siddharth Anand, Aditya Chopra, Shridhar Raghavan, and Abbas Tyrewala. Cinematography: Ben Jasper. Editing: Aarif Sheikh.

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana, Anupriya Goenka, Yash Raaj Singh, Mashhoor Amrohi, Sanjeev Vatsa, Dipannita Sharma, Soni Radzen.