A new kind of deadly tornado strikes in this graphically gory horror film from director Todd Sheets.

Savanna Dane was a one-time circus performer who had found herself facing the wrath of a band of clowns led by her estranged husband Big Ronnie. After Ronnie and the clowns kill the man she loves, she finds help in the aid of a witch, Autumn Moonspekll, who plants a curse on the clowns and at first all seems good. However, Savanna’s long dormant nightmare is about to come back to haunt her as the clowns soon find themselves seeking revenge as they return via tornados.

As Ronnie and crew slowly begin to dispatch those responsible for their need for revenge, an unlikely group find themselves having to confront and find a way to stop the evil clowns. Enter no-nonsense cowboy Hunter Fidelis, Elvis impersonator Dion Livingston, exotic dancer Bambi Fawn Taylor, and Rachel Carpenter, a teen runaway. However, the clowns are about to make a bad mistake as despite thinking they have killed Savanna will soon learn she is still alive and she will arm herself to prepare for the battle of a lifetime and for survival.

The latest indie horror epic from veteran Todd Sheets takes up an interesting concept. With the success of the Asylum’s Sharknado films and the recent released It and its soon to be released sequel, why not put the two together to make up a very insane film with an eclectic cast of characters and plenty of gore and add a dash of The Evil Dead in terms of its protagonist.

The “Loser’s Club” of the group looks like they are having fun with their diverse roles. As the badass Hunter, Bobby Westrick attempts to evoke a sort of 80s style Western hero and does a fun and sometimes hilarious job of it. Antwoine Steele hams it up when it’s called for as Elvis impersonator Dion while Dilynn Fawn Harvey gives a memorable entrance as Bambi. Rounding out the heroes are Sierra Stodden’s Rachel and Rachel Lagen’s Savanna, who can be described as a female Ash Crawford as she finds herself responsible for the events that occur and seeks redemption after a near fatal incident from the deadly clowns.

The clowns themselves are a riot and make the most of their screen time. Notably John O’Hara’s devilishly evil leader Pennywise, err Big Ronnie. As the clown army, Cayt Feinics, Micah Dillinger, and Eric “Danger” Dionne invoke major terror, give off some one-liners or puns, and dispatch their victims in the most insane ways imaginable. What’s great about the horror elements is that Sheets relies on practical effects as opposed to CGI and even though some of the deaths look ridiculous, the fact that they use more classic FX makes this worth a watch, as long as you have a strong and I stress “strong” stomach.

Clownado brings terror with a small dash of comedy, but overall a good meshing of films like Sharknado, It, and Evil Dead all wrapped in one blood-soaked package.


Wild Eye Releasing presents an Extreme Entertainment production in association with FilmCorp. Director: Todd Sheets. Producers: Mem Ferda, Shalyn Blain Lillard, Amanda Payton, Todd Sheets, and Paul Stentaford. Writer: Todd Sheets. Cinematography: Todd Sheets. Editing: Todd Sheets.

Cast: John O’Hara, Rachel Lagen, Bobby Westrick, Antwoine Steele, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Sierra Stodden, Linnea Quigley, Cayt Feinics, Micah Dillinger, Eric “Danger” Dionne, Eileen Dietz, Jeanne Silver, Jeremy Todd, Millie Milan.

Wild Eye Releasing will unleash the film On Demand on September 3 and DVD on September 17.