Seven people are forced to join forces to face their demons to survive in this sci-fi action thriller.

On an alien spacecraft, six people awaken. They have no idea what brought them there. All they know is that they are strapped inside a chamber with nowhere to go. The seven are John Brighton, Perry Bulmers, Zack Chase, Alex Gauthier, Rhonda Woods, and Sera. As the group struggles to escape, they soon discover that as they struggle, the ship moves more and more. The group discovers the ship is powered by their fears.

Things get worse when it is discovered that these aliens have been abducting people for years. Each member of the group was kidnapped during a different time period from the 1960s as far as the year 2050. As the group works together to stay a step ahead of the aliens, they are subjected to living flashbacks where a confrontation between the aliens and the humans are engaged in an effort for the humans to invoke their fear. However, one of the group may have a connection to the aliens and could potentially be their only hope to overcome the deadly threat.

Alien abduction films are quite interesting to work with. There are so many options to explore when it comes to aliens invading and kidnapping humans for who knows what reasons. It can work with any genre, and range from horrible to good. This Canadian film is one of the good ones because it takes the alien abduction and adds two major twists that amp up the film’s story, making this all for an excellent film that should be checked out.

One of the best twists involve the central characters themselves as each of them are revealed to come from a different time frame, as seen through important and pivotal flashbacks. This allows the cast to bring out their best emotional wise. James Gallanders leads the way as John Brighton, a 1960s era military officer whose knowledge may be proven key to the story while Deragh Campbell brings a shroud of mystery in the role of Sera, someone who John seems familiar with as seen in the film’s opening sequence. Daniel Fathers plays the very mouthy prisoner Perry Bulmer, who attempts to redeem himself along the way while Alex Woods plays a rock star in Zack Chase, the lead singer of a band none of the others heard of with Caroline Raynaud and Konima Parkinson-Jones rounding out the cast as Alex and Rhonda respectively.

The use of flashbacks play an integral part in the story as we see the cast of characters experience memories from their past. What is interesting is that it involves a particular character from that character’s past revealed to actually be one of the aliens aboard the ship. The reason is they want to continue powering their ship through the cast’s fears. The most emotional of these flashbacks come from John and Sera because they have a connection with Taylor Thorne giving a great performance as the younger Sera. The final scene looks like it could set up for a potential sequel but that remains to be seen.

Project Ithaca takes the alien abduction in a whole new direction, with two major twists and an eclectic cast of characters that drive the film.


Saban Films presents a Wild Media Entertainment production in association with Hawkeye Pictures. Director: Nicholas Humphries. Producers: Anthony Artibello, Jason Ross Jallet, and James Milligan. Writers: Anthony Artibello and Kevin C. Bjerkness. Cinematography: Isaac Elliott-Fisher. Editing: Michael Cunningham.

Cast: James Gallanders, Deragh Campbell, Daniel Fathers, Alex Woods, Carolin Raynaud, Konima Parkinson-Jones, Greg Ellwand, Sofie Holland, Ayesha Mansur Goncalves, Stephane Paquette.