Perhaps inspired by the likes of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects, this interesting drama brings major tension and offers some intricate twists and turns that make this worth watching.

During a hunting trip, ex-cop turned mercenary Gannon hears the sound of automatic gunfire. It was announced that there was a shooting at a funeral for a policeman. Returning to a lumber warehouse, Gannon meets the other members of his militia group. When Gannon learns the weapon used was a modified AR-15, he investigates the room where the militia keeps their weapons. There, Gannon makes a startling discovery. One of the guns are missing.

Convinced that one of the other members of the militia is responsible for the funeral shooting, Gannon resorts to going back to his ways as a former cop to interrogate each member with the approval of militia team leader Ford. Tensions between the members go to an all-time high as Gannon is determined to find out which one of the crew is responsible for the shooting. However, as Gannon finds himself trying to find the shooter, something major is beginning to come down.

This debut film for Henry Dunham will bring to mind films such as Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects with its tale of a search for a shooter within a militia group. Dunham clearly has crafted a film that brings loads of tension and the reason is the excellent performances from the cast, led by James Badge Dale and includes the likes of Chris Mulkey and Happy Anderson in pivotal roles with the latter giving an awesome one-liner when he is confronted by Dale’s Gannon.

The film’s cinematography, by Jackson Hunt, is also the star of the show. The core cast is confined to a lumber yard, where even the militia attempt to contact outside sources as the investigation goes on. What even is more the interesting is that these cast of characters are not only eclectic in their dynamics, but there really isn’t a good guy in the film. It is more an ensemble of men who have major flaws and attitudes. What was supposed to be a well-oiled machine breaks down once this investigation begins and the film’s title has a double meaning with the central plot and the final scene of the film.

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek is a great debut film for Henry Dunham that brings to mind Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects with an excellent cast and grim lighting.


RLJE Films presents a Cinestate/Look to the Sky/XYZ Films Films production in association with Madhouse Entertainment, Torfoot Films, and Zero Trans Fat Production. Director: Henry Dunham. Producers: Johnathan Brownlee, Adam Donaghey, Sefton Fincham, Amanda Presmyk, and Dallas Sonnier. Writer: Henry Dunham. Cinematography: Jackson Hunt. Editing: Josh Ethier.

Cast: James Badge Dale, Brian Geraghty, Patrick Fischler, Happy Anderson, Robert Aramayo, Gene Jones, Chris Mulkey, Bret Porter, Cotter Smith.

RLJE Films will be releasing the film in select theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on January 18.