Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise in the original Top Gun (Paramount)

Get ready to feel the need again as a pair of “frenemies” are returning for round 2!

Production has begun on the long awaited Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the hit 1986 Naval Aviator drama that featured Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer as Maverick and Iceman, two recruits of the Top Gun school at NAS Miramar. The two at first go at constant odds with each other, only to finally form a team in the film’s climactic mission.

After years of development, on the first day of production, Cruise posted a photo on Twitter revealing he is now at work on the film, which sees Maverick as a Top Gun instructor where he must contend with the use of unmanned drones as opposed to pilots in the Navy. Joseph Kosinski is directing the film from a script by Peter Craig, Justic Marks, Ashley Miller, and Zack Stentz.

Top Gun: Maverick is due for release on July 12, 2019 from Paramount Pictures.

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