The first cinematic gay superhero returns with a fun sequel which, like the original film, features an all-star cameo list ranging from ex-Marvel superhero actors to famous sci-fi stars.

Years after losing his battle to the heroic Surge of Power, Big City’s notorious villain Metal Master has been released from prison. All he wants to do is start his life over but still feel acceptance by his parents for his being gay. However, his father in particular still refuses to accept his son, making Metal Master feel horrible. That night, he gets a message from a mysterious man named Augur, who wishes to meet him.

When Metal Master finally meets Augur, he learns Augur is a legendary villain who for years, has been at war with legendary superhero Omen. Augur hires Metal Master to find a rare mineral in Las Vegas. Despite not bring allowed to leave Big City, his leaving prompts Surge to follow him. When Surge catches up with him, he manages to save a big fan of his in Todd and tracks Metal Master to the Hoover Dam and then back on their home turf. Will Surge be able to stop Metal Master and will Metal Master finally feel accepted? In addition, what does Augur have planned with the rare mineral?

Well, upon hearing the film’s title, one would think this is some sort of superhero spoof comedy. However, it turns out this is a sequel to a 2006 film called Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes. The film revolved around the first out and proud titular superhero and his arch nemesis, the also out and proud Metal Master. The film’s other notoriety is that it featured appearances from twenty stars of superhero shows and sci-fi shows.

Vincent J. Roth created the character and plays the titular superhero Surge of Power, Surge for short. While he is out and proud, Surge is likable enough and doesn’t have to necessarily flaunt any stereotypes with Roth leaving that to mainly some supporting characters in the film. As for John Venturini’s Metal Master, he at first is only looking for acceptance from his estranged parents but eventually also seeks to gain acceptance from the main villain of this adventure, the maniacally laughable Augur, played by none other than Eric Roberts, who just clearly looks like he is having fun in the role of a mastermind.

And that’s what this movie is all about. It is clearly fun. Especially because the filmmakers outdo the original by going from twenty to fifty appearances from comic book, superhero, and sci-fi veterans. Look for Star Trek‘s Uhura herself, Nichelle Nichols, in the role of legendary hero Omen with Star Trek Voyager‘s Robert Picardo as the male form of Omen.Buck Rogers himself, Gil Gerard, and Linda Blair play Metal Master’s parents. The original Superboy, John Haymes Newton, plays Nemo, a bartender at the Big City bar where Surge and Metal Master meet in the opening. Reb Brown, who played Captain America in a pair of 1979 TV-movies, has two roles in the film. One is a Big City reporter and the other, a member of the Council, who are the organization in charge of controlling Augur.

Speaking of the Council, the rest of the Council are played by The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno; the first live-action Thor, Erik Allen Kramer; the first live-action Daredevil, Rex Smith; and the core cast of the 1994 unreleased yet bootlegged adaptation of The Fantastic Four. If that’s not enough, look for a ton of cameos in the ending credits of the film, including a few former Power Rangers, and a Doctor Who.

While the original film hasn’t exactly seen the light of day to gain enough notice, that will all change thanks to Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel. Surge is just a likable character enough and the countless amount of appearances make this a fun film and that’s clearly what the intention of this film is…a fun different take on the superhero film. While spoof films grow tired of jokes, this film actually is about both acceptance and making a difference and yes, there will be a third film entitled Surge of Power: Call of the Champions on the horizon and this reviewer will love to see how that fares out as well as see the original.


Indie Rights presents a Surge of Power Enterprises production. Director: Antonio Lexerot. Producer: Vincent J. Roth, Antonio Lexerot, and Victor Stone. Writer: Vincent J. Roth. Cinematography: Mario DeAngelis. Editing: Ernest P. Eich IV.

Cast: Vincent J. Roth, John Venturini, Eric Roberts, Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, John Haymes Newton, Shannon Farnon, Bruce Vilanch, Reb Brown, Michael Gray, Gil Gerard, Linda Blair, Richard Hatch, Lou Ferrigno, Carl Ciarfalio, Joseph Culp, Alex Hyde-White, Rebecca Staab, Jay Underwood, Rex Smith, Erik Allen Kramer, Walter Koenig, Austin St. John, Karan Ashley, Paul McGann, Deborah Dutch, Murray Langston, Eddie Mekka, Noel Neill, Jack Larson.