“The Legend of Kung Funk” Trailer Kicks in High Gear

A new martial arts hero is on the rise and his name is Marco “DaAnswer” Johnson.

After appearing in Robert Samuels’ short film Beast, Johnson takes the lead in an upcoming film called The Legend of Kung Funk, which recently unveiled its first trailer.

Johnson plays Kevin, an ex-cop who loses everything when his family is killed as a result of an undercover drug deal gone wrong. Living life as a drunken recluse, after saving the daughter of his former partner, Kevin must fight his own demons when he learns the gang responsible for his family’s death have re-emerged, in order to get vengeance.

Filmed during three days in Baltimore, Maryland this past July, Johnson, a trained martial artist in Wushu, is joined by his father and martial arts teacher, American Wushu legend Willie “The Bam” Johnson, who serves as the film’s main fight choreographer with Jimmy Manfredy also appearing and serving as the film’s assistant fight choreographer. Also appearing in the film is Robert “Bigg Sarge” Deon, a retired U.S. Army veteran.

Jeffery Leslie directed the film, which was written and produced by Gerald Lima.

The film was made with the intention of bringing something positive to the city of Baltimore, according to Marco Johnson. He and his father plan to make more films in the area in addition to doing a special tour with this film where they will be showing it to schools in low income communities, giving students a chance to learn what it would take for them to become skilled in martial arts and/or what it takes to actually create and produce movies.

Marco Johnson had this to say about making the film:
“Baltimore is one of the hardest hit areas in crime and murder in the country right now. The goal for this project is to show my community, especially the children that we have other avenues for them to do something positive with their lives, which is why we as a team plan to donate 10% of the profits of this film to Living Classroom Foundation. The program was created here in the Baltimore area to fund Martial Arts programs, giving the inner-city kids a chance to discover different career paths, rather than just the stereotypical careers they are told to follow which vary from Football Player, to Rapper.”

The film has also been selected for the 2017 Urban Action Showcase in New York City, which will be at the HBO Theaters (1100 Ave. of the Americas) and the AMC 25 Empire Theaters (234 W. 42nd St.) on November 10 and 11.

The film was made by Johnson’s DME (Da Martial Elements) Productions.


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