Cam Gigandet is a name that can be synonymous with two prolific roles. One is mixed martial arts bad boy Ryan McCarthy in the original Never Back Down and then the evil vampire James in the first installment of the Twilight Saga. However, Cam has proven to be a versatile actor and his latest film, Black Site Delta, has him kicking major butt again with the film being released in limited theaters yesterday with a VOD and iTunes release set for Tuesday, May 9 from XLrator Media and Benattar-Thomas Productions.

World Film Geek had the chance to talk with Cam Gigandet about the film.

Cam, first of all, I’m a huge fan and I really enjoyed Black Site Delta, so thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to talk about it.
Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear that.

You’re quite a versatile actor, having done action, comedy, thriller and horror. Do you have a favorite genre to work in?
Oh wow! That’s such a difficult question to answer. I don’t really know. There are times when I want to do more comedy but then again, I love anything physical. So it’s basically a case by case basis. I mean, yeah, I don’t really have a specific genre. Anything that scares me, or makes me uncomfortable, that’s what I love.

And I do like that because it brings out your versatility, something I think more actors could try to delve in.
Exactly, and I think actors can get bored easily. I get bored easily so I just want to try anything new.. I can be a dentist one day and a homicidal maniac the next. That’s the versatile job.

Cam as Jake in Black Site Delta (XLrator Media/Benattar-Thomas Productions)

What inspired you to take on the role of Jake?
To be honest with you, it was Jesse [Gustafson], our director. I saw his previous film and it had a Student Academy Award nomination and that’s where I first noticed him and I saw that he was the real deal. When I met him, I tend to be all over the place, and I knew that on a movie like this with a small budget with no time, I knew I would go crazy and I needed someone like him who is always grounded. He is there. He knows what he wants and knows what he was doing. So it was a perfect fit.

And then I saw the script and it was anything action and fun. A group of friends who save the world and that’s right up my alley. I love that. It was perfect on all accounts and it was a great trip.

The heroes band together to protect “Black Site Delta” (XLrator Media/Benattar-Thomas Productions)

I recently spoke with Teri Reeves [who co-stars as Vasquez] about her experience on the film and I mentioned how the cast of heroes all have different personalities. What was it like working with this eclectic cast?
It was great. We shot this in Jackson, Mississippi and we all stayed at the same hotel. The nearest fast food place was a few miles down the road. So we’re in the middle of nowhere and there was this camaraderie that we were all in it together from the get-go. And we were all in different places in our careers so we’re all coming together for this thing, and it was a difficult thing. It was an action movie, away from home, with no money and no time.

So we had to band together. Make this a collaborative effort, otherwise we’d fall on our faces. And that where Jesse had led us to pull it together.

What would you say your favorite thing about shooting the film?
Just that [the cast working together]. Probably that, because a lot of projects, the ones without money. Even the ones with money, the story takes a backseat to how much money you have and how much can spent on this and that. Then the characters take a backseat and then relationships take a backseat. When you have money, you have to focus on those kind of things where the genius is really created in telling a story. And as extravagant and weird and crazy as our film was, you know, it was really about the relationships between these people. You know, people banding together to do something good. That’s what I love. Especially independent movies altogether, that’s what I love about it.

Exactly, and I love indie movies. I think a lot of them today are better than some of these big budgeted movies because of their originality.
Originality and creativity. The way it goes, they have to think more and try harder to tell better stories. I think people will relate to those more than, well, I’m not going to name names (Laughs). Some are just terrible.

Cam as Gabriel in The Shadow Effect (Momentum Pictures/Olson Pictures)

You have this film and I just recently saw another one of your movies, The Shadow Effect. It was absolutely a mindblowing movie.
Oh, I haven’t seen that yet. So that’s good to hear.

I spoke with Amariah Olson about the film and he told me you had a lot of intensity and said you were wonderful in it.
Good deal! That’s good!

So do you have any new projects in the works?
Well, next. Wait, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything. Well no one told me so (censored) it.

*Out of respect for Cam, I am not going to spoil what he told me, but I am very excited for his next project so we will leave it at that. (Laughs)

Black Site Delta gets its release this Friday and then on VOD and iTunes on May 9. Thank you so much again Cam for taking the time out of your schedule to talk about the film. I know you are on Twitter, so I will definitely follow you there and keep in touch with you there.
Definitely, definitely. It was great talking to you. Have a good one!

A special Thank You goes to Katrina Wan PR and Cam Gigandet for making this interview possible. You can follow Cam on Twitter for the latest news.