2017, 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks Animation

Tom McGrath
Ramsey Naito
Marla Frazee (original book)
Michael McCullers (screenplay)
James Ryan

Alec Baldwin (The Boss Baby)
Steve Buscemi (Francis Francis)
Jimmy Kimmel (Mr. Templeton)
Lisa Kudrow (Mrs. Templeton)
Miles Bakshi (Tim Templeton)
Tobey Maguire (Narrator/Adult Tim)

Based on the children’s book by Marla Frazee, this animated film is a hilarious yet heartwarming tale about family.

For the past seven years, Tim Templeton has always had the attention of his parents. Even with an overactive imagination, Tim and his parents have always had the best relationship. That is, until one fateful day, Tim has learned he has a new baby brother, who arrives in a suit and tie. Tim begins to become skeptical and one night, he learns the terrifying truth about his new baby brother.

Tim has learned his new baby brother is known as the Boss Baby, who since being born, was hired by BabyCorp to bring the love of babies back and take them away from the love of their worst enemies, puppies. The two decide to work together so Tim can have his life and the Boss Baby could get a major promotion at BabyCorp. However, things start to unravel as they discover how to make sure babies get the love they need, both Tim and the Boss Baby soon bond in a way neither one could ever imagine.

Dreamworks’ latest animated film has exactly what is necessary to make a successful one: a great voice cast, some hilarious moments, and some very beautiful heartwarming moments that could possibly make one a tearjerker. Led by Alec Baldwin as the hilarious titular character, who is all business, the voice cast is exciting here and that even goes for Tobey Maguire’s narrator, who is none other than the adult Tim Templeton.

There are plenty of laughs in the film. Notably when the Boss Baby attempts a “business meeting” with local babies who serve as his underlings, some of the bonding between Tim and Boss Baby when they decide to work together, and even in a nod to bringing a villainous henchman in the fray, Sausage Party and soon to be Toxic Avenger reboot director Conrad Vernon grunts as Eugene, the older brother of villain Francis Francis, voiced by Steve Buscemi. Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow make the most of their roles as Tim’s parents.

There are some heartwarming moments that do in fact lead to a somewhat predictable ending, but it still is a bit of a moment that could shed a bit of a tear in happiness. If you are in the mood to take your kids to a fun and heartwarming family film, The Boss Baby is definitely the film to see. Hilarious and somewhat predictable, this is a film that truly shows the bond of family.


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