Yasuke (center), the African-born samurai, in a stock photo from AfricaPublic.com

The true story of an African-born samurai warrior in the 16th century is coming to life in a new movie.

Gregory Widen, the creator of the sci-fi warrior legacy known as Highlander, will be writing a script for Lionsgate and Michael DeLuca, who will be producing the film with Stephen L’Heureux.

The samurai in question is named Yasuke, a young man of African descent who was a former slave who worked with an Italian missionary. During a trip to Japan, he met with the legendary feudal lord Nobunaga Oda, who at the time wanted to learn about Western culture. Under Oda, Yasuke would learn the art of bushido and rise through the ranks to become the only African-born samurai during Oda’s reign.

The film, tentatively titled Black Samurai, is currently in development for Lionsgate Films. More as this develops.

H/T: Dark Horizons