47 Ronin (2013)

The famous Japanese legend is given a supernatural twist in Carl Rinsch’s story. Despite the film being one of the biggest flops of 2013, the film is actually worth seeing. In the times of feudal Japan, a young teen is found in the forests of Ako. Thought to be a demon, he is revealed to […]

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Gintama (2017)

The hit manga by Hideaki Sorachi has a live action adaptation and it caters to both fans of the source material as well as newcomers to the title, thanks in part to some over the top antics that work quite well. Twenty years ago, Edo was invaded by aliens and the government, calling them Amanto, […]

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Blade of the Immortal (2017)

The 100th film from the prolific Takashi Miike is a well-made adaptation of a Japanese manga and anime that definitely churns out some excellent performances. Manji is a samurai warrior who protects his sister Machi after a job has gone awry. When he is confronted by a band of bounty hunters, Machi is killed in […]

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Harakiri (1962)

Director Masaki Kobayashi helms this classic samurai eiga that, like his Japanese counterpart Akira Kurosawa, features exciting camera techniques that would influence later martial arts films. In addition, an exciting storyline and twist leads to a classic samurai film. It is May 13th, 1630. At the manor of Lord Iyi, a bewildered-looking samurai appears at […]

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Death Force (1978)

1978, Cosa Nueva Director: Cirio H. Santiago Producer: Robert E. Waters Writers: Cirio H. Santiago (story) Robert E. Waters (story) Howard R. Cohen (screenplay) Cinematography: Ricardo Remias Editing: Gervacio Santos Robert E. Waters Cast: James Iglehart (Doug Russell) Carmen Argenziano (Morelli) Leon Isaac Kennedy (McGee) Vic Diaz (Crime Boss) Joe Mari Avellana (Japanese Soldier) Joonee […]

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