“Raid” Remake Update: Carnahan to Direct, War Party and Evans to Produce

It now looks like the long awaited remake of The Raid is finally moving full steam ahead.

After a previous announcement, it now looks like War Party, the company formed by Joe Carnahan (left) and Frank Grillo, have gotten their wish and will be joining forces with XYZ Films and Gareth Evans on the remake.

According to an Instagram post, Carnahan and Grillo suggest that the film may be set in Caracas, Venezuela and instead of a straight up remake, the film will have the tone and feel of films like Narc and The Grey. Carnahan even announced that he will be not only produce but direct this re-imagining. It is still up in the air whether Grillo, who was the only confirmed named when the project was first announced a few years back, is still going to be a part of the cast.

What we do know is that Evans, the original film’s director, will serve as producer alongside Carnahan and Grillo and is giving his full support on the film. Carnahan may be getting this off the ground before the long awaited sequel Bad Boys for Life as that film has been delayed until 2019.

More as this develops.

H/T: Dark Horizons

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