Fox Set to Remake “Rookie”

A “Rookie” is getting a second chance on the diamond. 20th Century Fox is developing a remake of the 1993 family baseball comedy Rookie of the Year. Daniel Stern directed the film about a 12-year old boy who after a freak accident developed a major-league pitching arm, leading him to live the dream of playing […]

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Kaufman Reveals “Toxic” Updates

First announced in 2011, nothing has been heard since about the proposed Troma-tic sequel The Toxic Twins: The Toxic Avenger 5. However, the creator of the film franchise and co-founder of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman, has finally revealed some great updates involving not only this film, but that of the Toxic Avenger big-budget update which […]

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Overboard (2018)

The 1987 comedy about amnesia and falling in love gets the gender reversal in this pretty funny remake that highlights the comic styles of leads Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris. Leonardo Montenegro is a Mexican-born playboy who lives life on the yacht and canoodling with women on a near 24-hour basis. Kate Sullivan is a […]

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Scarface (1983)

Time to say “Hello to his little friend” as Al Pacino brings out one of his best performances in this 1980’s modern reboot of the gangster classic. A refugee from Cuba, Antonio Montana has come to Miami, Florida. Along with best friends Manny, Angel, and Chi-Chi, they find themselves working for Frank Lopez, the city’s […]

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Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

After a successful collaboration with the family comedy The Game Plan, former wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson and director Andy Fickman reunite for this update of the classic Disney films revolving around two special children with extraordinary powers. Jack Bruno is a cab driver in Las Vegas who is trying to go legit after working […]

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“Rambo” Remake Moved Back to 2019

Back in mid-2017, it was announced that India’s Original Entertainment would be remaking five films from Millennium Films, including Rambo which will see actor and martial artist Tiger Shroff in the role immortalized by Sylvester Stallone. Nothing has been heard since the poster was unveiled, but an update was revealed and it now involves that […]

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