TRAILER: Birth of the Dragon

A promo trailer for the new biopic Birth of the Dragon has been unleashed online and this is a different film about the legend of Bruce Lee.

While we have had our shares of Bruce Lee biopics, this one focuses on a legendary fight in 1964 that pitted Lee against Wong Jack Man, a Shaolin monk who feels Lee’s arrogance may in fact be more of a hindrance in martial arts. The film is seen through the eyes of Steve McKee, a student of Lee’s who is also impressed with Wong and thus, sets up a challenge between the two.

Billy Magnussen plays McKee with Xia Yu as Wong Jack Man. American-born Hong Kong action star, martial artist, and choreographer Philip Ng plays the legendary Bruce Lee in the film.

George Nolfi directed the film based on a script by Christopher Wilkinson and Steven J. Rivele. The fight scenes were choreographed by Hong Kong legend Corey Yuen, whose work include No Retreat No SurrenderX-Men, and The Transporter.

Birth of the Dragon is scheduled for a 2017 release date.

H/T: Dark Horizons


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