Liman departs “Gambit”; Signs for “Justice League Dark”

It looks like Doug Liman will be switching superhero sides as he departs a Marvel character’s film to work on an upcoming DC film.

Liman was originally slated to direct Gambit, a spinoff of the X-Men franchise that would focus on the Cajun hero Remy LeBeau, who is a master gambler and martial artist who uses kinetic energy as his powers. Channing Tatum is still committed to both producing and starring in the film. However, script rewrites have ultimately prevented the supposed date.

Instead of Gambit, Liman will be directing Justice League Dark for DC and Warner Brothers. The film will focus on the adventures of a team led by the character of John Constantine who must stop a madman from ending humanity. The team members include Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, Etigran the Demon, and possibly Madame Xanadu. With Liman onboard, the film is being fast tracked with Michael Gilio writing the screenplay, which will lighten the tone of the original comic series.

As for Gambit, a new director is being sought with Josh Zetumer still working on the script.

H/T: Dark Horizons


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