One of the U.K.’s top indie film directors, Ross Boyask, is currently at work on his latest thriller and with a stellar cast, it’s going to be quite an action treat for fans.

Titled Vengeance, the film’s cast includes Stu Bennett, formerly known as WWE superstar Wade Barrett; martial arts action star Gary DanielsLeroy Kincaide, and Sapphire Elia.

Shooting on location in London, the synopsis on the film’s Twitter page reads:

When ex-soldier now mercenary, John Gold (played by Bennett), learns that his best friend has been murdered, he sets off to find the killers, only to discover a sinister conspiracy.

Bennett will be seen later this year taking on Scott Adkins in James Nunn‘s WWE Studios action thriller Eliminators.

For information on Vengeance, go to the film’s official Twitter as well as the Evolutionary Films Twitter page. Look out for a 2017 release from Evolutionary Films.

H/T: Evolutionary Films, Vengeance Twitter, Evolutionary Films Twitter