A Tribute to Sheree Lo (1968-2016)


Last week, the Hong Kong entertainment circle was rocked by the death of actress Sheree Lo (aka Bonnie Law), who passed away from sudden heart failure on May 27 at the age of 47.

Lo is best known for her appearance in her 1984 film debut, The Happy Ghost opposite Raymond Wong and its subsequent films. She would relocate to Canada and took a break from acting to attend college. In 1993, Lo returned to Hong Kong and while acting, had a successful career in finance. She made her final film appearance in 2001’s The Cheaters.

In 2006, Lo relocated to Beijing, where she took courses to get a Masters of Business Administration in Senior Management. While having success in the financial industry, she had been preparing for a comeback via a web series at the time of her passing.

Nevertheless, her death comes as a shock to the entertainment industry. Lo’s Happy Ghost co-star and good friend Raymond Wong as well as fellow “Happy Girls”* Fennie Yuen and Charine Chan described Sheree as very lively and was her usual happy self upon recently seeing her before her death.

World Film Geek sends its condolences to the family of Sheree Lo. As a tribute, here is the trailer for Lo’s film debut The Happy Ghost

H/T: JayneStars, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Movie Database

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