In 2007, Korean director Shim Hyung-Rae unleashed the film D-War (aka Dragon Wars), which revolved around two rival dragons wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. The film was somewhat of a cult hit with fans everywhere.

Now, the dragons are returning as Shim has announced via Korea Biz Wire that a sequel is gearing up to begin production in June. The film will be a Korean-Chinese co-production with China’s Chinese Culture Group already more than doubling the budget of the original film by investing $77 million dollars. Shim has also promised “Hollywood-style” visual effects will be used for the sequel. So what will be the focus this time?

In D-War II: Mysteries of the Dragon, a fictional war in 1969 is brewing between the United States and the Soviet Union as to who can reach the moon first. Yes, we’re dealing with alternate history here. But the war will be nothing compared to what is awaiting in the skies.

D-War II: Mysteries of the Dragon begins production in June for a Summer 2017 release date.