Ong-Bak (2003)

Thai action cinema gets its calling with this action packed film that unleashes the man known as Tony Jaa. Ong-Bak is a small village where the townsfolk follow and worship a sacred statue of the same name. One of the most respected young men in the village is Ting, a young fighter who was abandoned […]

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Spirited Killer (1994)

The late stuntmaster Panna Rittikrai started out as the star in a low of lower-budgeted Thai films before gaining the reputation as the mentor of some of Thailand’s top action stars, notably Tony Jaa and Jeeja Yanin. In 1994, Rittikrai took the lead villain role in this horror-martial arts hybrid that can be described as […]

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TRAILER: Triple Threat

Get ready for an action treat like no other with the trailer to Jesse V. Johnson‘s latest action film, which features a heck of an ensemble cast. Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Chen play three unlikely heroes who join forces to protect a millionaire’s daughter from a deadly mercenary cartel. The cartel members are played by Scott Adkins, Michael […]

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TRAILERS: The Brink & Paradox

Bravos Pictures has unleashed two trailers for their upcoming action films, The Brink and Paradox. The Brink, directed by Jonathan Li, stars Max Zhang as a tough as nails policeman who tracks down fisherman who smuggle gold underwater. The film co-stars Shawn Yue, and Gordon Lam, Janice Man, and Yasuaki Kurata. Paradox stars Louis Koo […]

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