The Temptation Game (2015)

  A test of wits and temptation charge up this short film from first time filmmaker Charline Odiot. Craig and Laura are a happily married couple when Laura decides to play a little game with her husband. She decides to pretend to be an actress in an attempt to test her husband on whether he […]

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Indie Action Spotlight – November 2016

It’s that time everyone…it’s November’s Indie Action Spotlight! And this month, we have not one, not two, but a whopping eight highlight clips along with short films and stunt reels, showcasing who to look out for in the world of independent action cinema! Our first highlight clip of November comes from Bryan Sloyer, who starred in last month’s […]

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A Look at Johnny Wu’s “Wu Xia: A Martial Arts Tango”

Two young men take on five fighters representing the Five Elements in this short film from Johnny K. Wu. The 10-minute short film stars Andrew Santin and Benjamin Zgorecki as Sam and Neil, two prospective fighters who are worthy by taking on the Five Element Fighters Gold (Jedidiah J. Fabian), Wood (Jerry Sur), Water (Kristina Michelle), Fire (Matthew Kane), […]

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