As the Florida Film Festival comes to a close tomorrow, it’s been great to see some of these films that deserve some praise and recognition. To wrap up WorldFilmGeek’s coverage of FFF2020, here are reviews of selected midnight short films that are sure to whet fans’ appetites.

If you’re in the Orlando area, despite the film festival ending tomorrow, there will be a special screening of these and other midnight shorts on Friday, August 21 at 9:00PM at the Enzian Theater (1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751). Go to for more information.

Now away we go…

Karaoke Night
This is one night that one man will ever forget. When Pablo sees the mysterious Mia singing karaoke, he decides to pursue her after not only to get his advances rebuffed, but something unexpected is in store for him.

Filmmakers Francisco Lacerda and Amarino Franca definitely gives their just desserts to the antagonist in a way that would make Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team proud. The way that Pablo gets his, first by getting kneed in the groin then lying about sleeping with Mia, it is clear he got what he deserves.


Director: Francisco Lacerda. Producer: Amarino Franca. Writers: Francisco Lacerda and Amarino Franca. Cinematography: Hugo Franca. Editing: Francisco Lacerda.

Cast: Rita Borges, Francisco Lopes, Fernando Alle, Eliezar Pereira, Andre Torres.

The Devil’s A**hole

Roxy Balboa is gearing up to compete in the 13th annual LGBTQ Cook-Off and Breakdancing Competition. She has a new chili powder that will ensure her win, until she suffers a nosebleed and too much chili powder ends up in her pot. Now, a devil has emerged with the intentions of opening the portals of Hell.

This is an intentionally hilarious look at what happens when the Devil, who looks like a big glob of chili, intends to open the portals of Hell. It is how he consistently refers to the anal cavity as the means to to achieve his mission, much to both the chagrin and hilarity of our protagonist Roxy. Her reactions and comebacks towards the Chili Devil kept me laughing through its running time.


Director: Brian Lonano. Producers: Brian Lonano, Kevin Daniel Lonano, and Nick Morgan. Writers: Brian Lonano. Cinematography: Andrea Acs. Editing: Kevin Daniel Lonano.

Cast: Rachelle Morgan, Nick Morgan.

Bad Hair

A man who is balding bad gets a new hair tonic in the mail. However, when he goes overboard with the concoction, it leads at first to what he wanted. However, it eventually leads to very dangerous consequences.

This Estonian short film is a nightmare that will remind fans of the 1980’s children’s film The Peanut Butter Solution in which our main character tries a new formila to get his hair back. Only in this film, it’s a nightmare in which during his attempt to get the concoction to come out of the bottle, it accidentally hits him in the eye. You can guess what will happen next and what he has to do. Very disturbing to say the least.


Director: Oskar Lehemaa. Producer: Evelin Pentilla. Writer: Oskar Lehemaa. Cinematography: Ivar Taim. Editing: Sander-Kalle Somma and Oskar Lehemaa.

Cast: Sten Karpov.

A woman preparing for a protest is about to get the shcok of a lifetime when she unexpectedly has her menstrual cycle going overboard, resulting in a shocking move that will make viewers cringe.

If anyone has seen the remake of the 1939 classic The Women, and we’re talking the 2008 version, a line Annette Bening’s Sheila says during the hospital scene comes into play here and just makes this 5-minute film both cringeworthy with a bit of unintential humorous all wrapped up in a neat little package.


Director: McKenzi Vandenberg. Producers: McKenzi Vandenberg. Writer: McKenzi Vandenberg. Cinematography: Sid Dalvi. Editing: McKenzi Vandenberg and William Knowles Jr.

Cast: Lindsey Michelle Martin.

And there you have it folks! As tomorrow marks the official end of the Florida Film Festival, getting the chance to see it virtually during this crazy time has been well worth it. A Special Thank You must go to Dr. Lisa Stokes for allowing WorldFilmGeek to be able to view the Florida Film Festival.