Due to Halloween, it was delayed for a week, but finally, here is November’s Indie Action Spotlight, your source for Short Films and Stunt Reels! Without further adue, let’s rev it up….

This month’s Highlight Clip of the Month goes to the Kanglei Trickers team and their short film The Moment of Courage. As in the description on YouTube:
Thousands of people suffer because of CORRUPTION. And thousands of people are misled because of HEARTBREAK. But the society is in the hands of THE YOUTHS.

Here are this month’s selected Stunt and Fight Reels

Finally, here are this month’s selected Short Films

And that’s this month’s Indie Action Spotlight. To wrap up 2019, we are hoping to have a deluxe edition of the Indie Action Spotlight! If you want to be a part of it, send an email to WorldFilmGeek@gmail.com with the subject Indie Action Spotlight and provide me with links to your short film or stunt reel.

The deadline for December’s edition is…December 5, 2019. In the meantime, Keep on Kickin’!