I Come in Peace (1990)

Dolph Lundgren faces off against an intergalactic terror in this sci-fi-action mashup that holds even today. Houston detective Jack Caine is on an assignment to ensure that his undercover partner Ray Turner, makes a deal with the White Boys criminal organization, led by Victor Manning. However, when Caine stops two thugs from robbing a liquor […]

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Showdown in Manila (2017)

An action ensemble cast joins Russian powerhouse Alexander Nevsky for this throwback action film which marked the directorial debut of Mark Dacascos, known to most today as the Chairman of Food Network’s Iron Chef America. Nick Peyton has attempted numerous times to find the mysterious crime figure known as “The Wraith”. During their latest attempt, […]

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The King’s Case Note (2017)

2017, CJ Entertainment/Film RAM Productions Director: Moon Hyun-Sung Producer: Aram Choi Writers: Heo Yoon-Mi (comic) Kang Hyun-Sung (screenplay) Cast: Lee Sun-Kyun (King Yejong) Ahn Jae-Hong (Yoon Yi-Seo) Kim Hee-Won (Nam Geon-Hee) Joo Jin-Mo (Jik Je-Hak) Jang Young-Nam (Soo-Bin) Kyung Soo-Jin (Seon-Hwa) Kim Hong-Pa (Prime Minister) Kim Eung-Soo (1st Vice-Premier) Jo Yeong-Jin (2nd Vice-Premier) Jung Hae-In […]

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American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

1993, Davian International Director: Jeno Hodi Producer: David Hunt Writers: Jeno Hodi Greg Lewis Paul Wolansky Cinematography: Blain Brown Editing: Lawrence A. Maddox Tim Spring Paul Wolansky Cast: Dale “Apollo” Cook (Mike Clark) Evan Lurie (David) Kathy Shower (Lillian Hansen) David Graf (Howard Hansen) Ted Markland (Xavier) Jeffrey R. Iorio (Hammer) Jessica Springal (Susie) Greg […]

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Black Cobra 2 (1988)

Fred Williamson returns as the hard-boiled Robert Malone in the second installment of the Black Cobra trilogy and he has an ally in a former web-slinger. That’s right, Nicholas Hammond, who played Spider-Man in the short-lived 1970’s series, joins the Hammer in this film. Det. Robert Malone has found himself in hot water again after taking […]

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Enemy Territory (1987)

When a gang takes over a housing project in New York City, who you gonna call? Yeah, this film is an attempt to make Ray Parker Jr. an action hero in this 80’s urban action film. Barry was once a successful insurance agent who has recently hit a major slump. However, his boss has faith […]

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