Legends Danny Trejo and Tobin Bell make cameos in this throwback to B-movie horror comedies from actor and filmmaker David Lipper.

Twenty years ago, AJ lost his parents while on a trip to Wolf Mountain. Seeing a psychologist, Dr. Avery, AJ taps into his repressed memories but always comes up short. Dr. Avery suggests that he should go back to Wolf Mountain and perhaps there, the memories will come back. AJ takes along his wife Samantha and brother Max, who had raised him since the death of their parents. Max brings along his wife Emma, daughter Lexi, and Lexi’s boyfriend James for the ride.

Upon their arrival, they hear of a legend of a possible werewolf on the mountain, hence the name. At first, things seem weird but okay. That is until they run into Eddie and Joe, two robbers who just killed someone and are in the middle of burying the body. However, soon enough, the group find themselves picked off one-by-one by a mysterious figure. As the survivors try to figure out who or what is killing them, AJ’s memories slowly begin to come back and realizes the responsible party may be the ones who killed his parents. Can AJ and the others make their way out of Wolf Mountain, or will he join his parents?

You have got to hand it to David Lipper. The former Full House star has been making waves in indie cinema over the past few years as an actor, producer, writer, and director. Teaming up with Keli Price again after playing brothers in 2020’s Reboot Camp, Lipper directs this throwback to the B-movie horror-comedies of the 80s and 90s that we used to see in our local mom and pop video stores before the DVD wave made the format obsolete until a resurgence of limited titles within the past few years.

Price himself is great in the role of AJ, a troubled young man who is trying to solve the mystery of his parents’ deaths years ago. Lipper plays his brother Max, who has been there for him and is in full support of his returning to Wolf Mountain to find closure. Karissa Lee Staples does a good job as well in the role of AJ’s wife Samantha, who wants AJ to finally close the chapter on his past. There are some comedic moments when it comes to Eddie McClintock as Ric, AJ’s neighbor and friend who watches the dog; Matt Rife as James, Max’s girlfriend’s boyfriend who is a bit out there as well as two park rangers who act as if they are in a buddy action comedy together with their conflict of views.

The film also boasts appearances from legends Danny Trejo and Tobin Bell. Trejo plays Eddie, a robber who along with Kenny Yates’ Joe finds himself having to bury a body and finds himself encountered by AJ and his group. Trejo is one of those actors who can not only elevate a film but no matter how small of a role it is, he brings it 125 percent. As for Bell, he opens and closes the film in the role of Dr. Avery, AJ’s psychologist who suggests he returns to Wolf Mountain. Now, one would imagine Bell, being known for his iconic Jigsaw in the Saw franchise, would have sinister means. However, it is far from the truth as he genuinely cares about AJ and his well-being.

The Curse of Wolf Mountain is sure to please fans of the classic horror-comedies of the video store era. The cast is great and even the kills look pretty good and there is a nice twist to the story that will possibly make one’s jaw drop. A fun throwback film to check out.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Price II/Latigo Films/Northern Producions film in association with Stardust Pictures, Mega Life Productions, and KAYJ Productions. Director: David Lipper. Producers: David Lipper, Keli Price, Joshua Santana, Kipp Tribble, and Kenny Yates. Writer: Keli Price. Cinematography: Joshua Santana. Editing: George Folsey Jr.

Cast: Keli Price, David Lipper, Karissa Lee Staples, Malu Trevejo, Fernanda Romero, Kenny Yates, Eddie McClintock, Kipp Tribble, Matt Rife, Danny Trejo, Tobin Bell, Amaris Davidson.

The film will be released on Digital and On Demand on May 9.