From the director of Sewer Gators comes what could be one of the most talked about indie horror films of 2023 since Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey.

Abby is a young woman who has learned her grandmother has died. She has inherited a box that has a kite inside it. At first, she is confused. However, her brother decides to hold on to it for her to figure things out. When he is found dead the next day, she learns from Daniel that the kite may be responsible due to a supernatural force. When a mysterious oracle arrives to tell Abby that the kite is now responsible for a series of killings in town, she and Daniel gather their friends to find a way to stop not only that kite, but others that have had the same supernatural force.

I have become a fan of Louisiana-based writer and director Paul Dale, whose over-the-top horror comedies are destined to be the stuff of legend. From the killer mime film Silent But Deadly to the award-winning Sewer Gators (best ‘WTF’ film at the 2021 WorldFilmGeek Awards), Dale has made good that his latest would be so much fun and hilarious that the premiere date got moved up due to an overwhelming positive reaction to the trailer!

Dale has a stable of actors he constantly works with and thus, makes the films more fun thanks to the chemistry between the actors, even when things are so goofy. Manon Pages, who appeared in Sewer Gators (itself a hilarious running gag for an Amazon Prime promotion), plays Abby, our hero of the film who is determined to find out why kites are killing locals and finding a way to stop them. Carter Simoneaux’s Daniel is hilarious as the best friend desperate to take things to the next level with Abby, including a move that could lead to a MeToo lawsuit if not for Abby’s determination to focus on the kites.

The locals who attempt to help Abby with their own little training montage, which we see Abby go MMA on a couch cushion, are played by the likes of Austin Naulty, co-director Austin Frosch, Josh “Iceberg” Schmitt, Garrett Goetz, and Matt Fontenot. Dale himself triumphantly returns to his now iconic role of local news reporter Brock Peterson, a running gag himself with subtitles under his name showing various things he has or likes. He even gets in on a funny scene where he runs from a kite complete with old school style shape of a person cut on a door.

Those who love the great Birdemic films will definitely enjoy this one as we see kites sometime fly in the air and attacking the group as homage to the “so bad its good” franchise. The VFX are not to be taken seriously because if you’ve seen Sewer Gators, it is all about doing what you love: making a film with your closest friends and just have fun with it.

Killer Kites is a fun and wild horror-comedy that makes its intention known. Don’t take the film seriously, because these guys didn’t…they are having fun and what other way to enjoy a film than have kites kill people?


A By the Horns Production. Directors: Paul Dale and Austin Frosch. Producers: Zack Lee and Carter Simoneaux. Writers: Austin Frosch and Josh Pereira. Cinematography: Paul Dale, Austin Frosch, Zack Lee, and Carter Simoneaux. Editing: Paul Dale and Austin Frosch.

Cast: Manon Pages, Carter Simoneaux, Charlie Early, Zack Lee, Paul Dale, Austin Naulty, Austin Frosch, Josh “Iceburg” Schmitt, Garrett Gomez, Matt Fontenot.