A woman finds herself in a community like no other in this Greek dramedy about people you don’t notice in the streets.

Coming from an affluent family, Nelly had broken free from living it right and goes out on her own. Working as an exotic dancer, she meets Markos, a two-bit thief and con artist who introduces her to Broadway, an abandoned theater in the outskirts of Athens. There, she meets Rudolph and Mohammed alongside an elderly man who sets up a living for the group. Nelly uses her dancing skills to attract crowds while Markos and the others will randomly pickpocket unsuspecting onlookers.

One day, a man named Jonas comes to Broadway and he is in danger. A crime boss is looking for Jonas, so Nelly comes up with an idea. Dressing him in drag and renaming him Barbara, Jonas helps Nelly out with the dancing pickpocket scam. When Markos ends up in prison for being caught in the act, Nelly and Jonas start becoming attracted to each other and continue to do their jobs. However, what will happen when Markos is out of prison, and he learns about the affair?

From writer-director Christos Massalas comes this look at life through the eyes of people who rarely get noticed and are somewhat seen as outcasts. The ones who live on the streets and will do what they an to survive and eat. It is also about an affluent woman who breaks free to try to get out there on her own and while it doesn’t bode well at first, she eventually finds herself part of a “family” who fully support her and even finds love not once but twice, or so it seems.

The cast in the film are quite great and their chemistry comes off so naturally. Elsa Lekakou is fantastic as lead Nelly, who wants to break away from a life she regrets having to one she feels freer with. While the first scene of the film is a quick conversation between Nelly and Markos while the latter is in prison, we get Nelly’s backstory as to how she meets him and how it leads to Broadway.

The film really gets interesting with the introduction of Jonas/Barbara, played by an excellent Foivos Papadopoulos. Taking a page out of classics like Some Like It Hot, Tootsie, and The Burdcage, we see Jonas dressing in drag and become Barbara as a way to evade a local mob boss who wants his hide. Rafael Pupad and Salim Talbi are great as fellow pickpockets and survivors Rudolph and Mohammed. They provide some of the comic relief of the film, which is needed given the complexity of the film and the nature. Things get very complicated in the third act, but everything ties in very well.

Broadway is a great film looking at the down and out people living in the streets and their course of survival. Exhilirating performances from Elsa Lekakou and Foivos Papadopoulos make this one to watch!


Dark Star Pictures presents a Nada Film in association with Blue Monday Productions and Digital Cube. Director: Christos Massalas. Producers: Bertrand Gore, Amanda Livanou, and Christian Nicolescu. Writer: Christos Massalas. Cinematography: Konstantinos Koukoulios. Editing: Yorgos Lamprinos.

Cast: Elsa Lekakou, Foivos Papadapoulos, Stathis Apostolou, Rafael Papad, Salim Talbi, Hristos Politis, Nicos Arvanitis, Pantelis Dentakis, Lakis Gavalas, Eleni Foureira.