A drifter comes to a small town to make things right in this futuristic western from Pierre le Roux.

The small town of Vlieëkraal is in turmoil. The farmers have been under fire from the local miners who have come to town to take the land as their own. One family who is suffering heavily is the Strycher family. However, grandson Bob sees a mysterious drifter in a car coming through to the area. His name is Shaun and runs into Bob’s grandfather Joe, who invites him to his home. There, he is instantly greeted and bonds with the family.

One day, as they stroll into a small nearby town, it is there where Fletcher, the leader of the miners, demands that Vlieëkraal, especially the farmers, listen to him as he plans to use the entire area to dig for gold. However, the digging has caused the water in the town to be contaminated, destroying the crops. Shaun decides to help the family out as well as the farmers but when Fletcher decides to hire a killer to get his way, Shaun finds himself in a serious dilemma as the killer is someone from his past.

From first time director Pierre le Roux comes this Western that takes the drifter story and brings it to the titular area where a civil war is brewing between the farmers and the miners. The idea of the drifter coming to town at first feels like Yojimbo, but soon enough, we understand his agenda and his relationship with the three-generation family is evident on which side he plans to side with.

The cast in the film definitely drives the film. Tauriq Jenkins is excellent as the mysterious Shaun, who comes in decked out like a cowboy and drives a black car in town with grandson Bob watching. An adult Bob serves as the narrator of the film, and he tells us the story of how Shaun strolled into town and would eventually becomes the hero for the farmers. Shaun becomes part of the family as he’s taken in by Grandpa Joe, played by Pierre van Niekerk and sees young Bob, played by MJ Small, as a little brother.

Director le Roux himself plays the miner leader Fletcher, who gives a speech about his plans as if he were the President of some country. Actually, it’s more like a dictator who demands the farmers give in and he will stop at nothing to ensure his rule in the land. To complicate things and to make sure the farmers give in, he hires a killer and in a strange twist, it is someone familiar with our hero. The final minutes go the classic Western route with the hero in a showdown with the villains including a showdown with one in particular.

Vlieëkraal is a good futuristic Western with a mysterious lead in Tauriq Jenkins’ Shaun. Pierre le Roux makes a good feature film debut and even takes the role of one of the lead villains himself. Some good ol’ Western style action. Definitely worth checking out.


Film Hub presents a PLR Productions film. Director: Pierre le Roux. Producers: Hemmie le Roux, Pierre le Roux, and Mpumelelo Sidyiyo. Writer: Pierre le Roux. Cinematography: Juan le Roux. Editing; Pierre le Roux.

Cast: Tauriq Jenkins, Pierre van Niekerk, Anne Smith, MJ Small, Pierre le Roux, Damien Daniels, Diederiks Mario.