Louw Venter showcases his comical talents in this film that he stars and co-wrote based on his play.

Lukas Basson is in a tailspin. Years ago, he cheated on his girlfriend Sherryl for wild woman Bianca on New Year’s. There, she met other friend Jean and it led to the two starting a relationship. Years have passed and it is the wedding day of Sherryl and Jean. Jean is Afrikaans and Sherryl is Jewish, which causes a bit of tension between the two families. However, that’s the least of the issues.

Lukas, being the best man, forgets to book the band and makes up a crazy excuse to get another band at the last minute. And to his horror, the band is led by Bianca, which causes major strife with Sherryl. As the day goes on, Lukas finds himself in one mishap after another, including having to deal with resentment from his girlfriend Christine. Things come to a head when he gets drunk, and all hell breaks loose. Can Lukas find a way out of this mess?

This film starts out as a series of mishaps in the day of a wedding between two very different people. There are some very crazy moments and running gags that make the film loads of fun to watch. Louw Venter wrote a play, “The Best Man’s Speech” as the basis for this film, and wrote the screenplay as well as take the lead role of Lukas, who also serves as the narrator of the film as if he’s talking at an AA meeting.

Venter once again gets to show his comic wit in the role of Lukas, the best man at the wedding who just happens to be the ex of the bride. Casey B. Dolan is great as Sherryl, who shows a lot of emotion in the flashback that leads to the plot of the film along with her reaction to learning her archnemesis would be performing at the wedding. It may seem like Sherryl is a crybaby. But for someone who is awaiting her big day, she is a mini-Bridezilla but only when it comes to seeing Bianca at the wedding.

Christel van der Bergh’s Christine sees Lukas as someone she tries to save but is more of a control freak as she intends to somewhat put Lukas in line due to his tendency to cause mishaps. Nico Panagio’s Jean is levelheaded and optimistic, even knowing Lukas isn’t exactly the brightest tool in the shed. There are a few running gags in the film, from two kids constantly causing trouble and hijinks while Sherryl’s aunt and uncle, having taken a later flight are lost and find themselves looking for Stellenbosch. There’s also the great comic genius Casper de Vries, as “Barry White”, the owner of the winery the wedding is being held at.

Konfetti is quite funny and yet at times, it can be emotional. That’s clearly not a problem as Louw Venter is great in both the acting and writing department with this mishap-filled wedding day that is unforgettable.


A Light and Dark Films production. Director: Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat. Producer: Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat. Writer: Louw Venter; based on his play “The Best Man’s Speech”. Cinematography: Grant Appleton. Editing: Zelmari Degenaar.

Cast: Louw Venter, Nico Panagio, Casey B. Dolan, Kim Engelbrecht, Christel van der Bergh, Casper de Vries, Jana Strydom, Hanna Grobler, Melissa Haiden, Adrienne Pearce, Paul Ditchfield.