A man finds himself under constant danger and scrutiny in this time travel thriller marking the feature film debut of director Mariana Dean.

Liam is a young man who wakes up in a hospital bed after having visions of a mysterious old man decked out in a robe and warning him to wake up. However, he tends to wake up in different states and has more visions, including one of the Apocalypse. When he is cared for by local doctor Emma, he tries to explain himself, but she is completely skeptical to Liam and his mumblings.

However, Liam’s premonitions are slowly becoming true. He is actually a scientist who along with his friend Carter, developed a machine that allows time travel. Liam had decided to become the guinea pig of the experiment. When Emma witnesses one of Liam’s time travel experiments, she finds herself now believing him and Liam, in the meantime, must come up with a way to stop the Apocalypse from happening.

This is quite an interesting time-travel adventure that revolves around one man’s accidental possibility of starting the Apocalypse and how he must rely on his time traveling skills to prevent it. David Trillo’s script has one of those stories that you can’t miss even a second of, because it will be confusing. However, once we are introduced to Liam and see his time jump, this may keep you engaged. Especially when it comes to his visions of the Old Man.

Neil Bishop drives the film as central character Liam, who has figured out the key to time travel and joined by his buddy Carter, played by Jonny Phillips, created a device to enhance the use of time travel. Combining practical effects with minimal visual effects, the time travel scenes themselves combined with some pretty nifty Celtic music enhances the time jump portions. One of Liam’s great detractors who soon becomes one of his greatest allies comes in Emma, the doctor who takes care of Liam. In the role, Zoe Cunningham does a great job at trying to debunk Liam’s claims only to realize he was telling the truth.

Martin Bishop brings a mysterious presence as “the Old Man”. Decked out like a religious prophet of some sort complete with a staff, he constantly appears in Liam’s visions. The old man may seem to have a connection with Liam, but it may not be one the viewer thinks. It is when the third act opens and Liam finally realizes that only he can stop the potential Apocalypse, he finds himself in a mode of shock and yet, he’s determined to make things right.

Breaking Infinity will make you engaged from the first few moments of introducing our lead character of Liam. Some great performances, notably Neil Bishop and Zoe Cunningham, along with Martin Bishop make this one to check out when it is widely available.


An Elli Films production in association with Mind Engagement Productions and Unfolding Entertainment. Director: Marianna Dean. Producers: Zoe Cunningham, Marianna Dean, and Paul Desira. Writer: David Trotti. Cinematography: Vince Knight. Editing: Stephen Hedley.

Cast: Neil Bishop, Jonny Phillips, Zoe Cunningham, Martin Bishop.