A final night between friends becomes dangerous in this LGBT+ horror film from writer/director Carter Smith.

Best friends Benjamin and Dom are enjoying their final night together as Benjamin is getting ready to leave for California to start a new life, potentially in the entertainment industry. However, Dom doesn’t want to see Benjamin leave empty-handed. He hatches a plan where he convinces Benjamin to join him. Dom’s cousin has a connection, but it involves a mysterious woman named Alice and it involves transporting drugs. Benjamin is reluctant, but soon both and he and Dom are forced into this deal.

The duo is forced to transport the drugs by swallowing the small bags. En route to their location, a rest stop break soon becomes a big mistake for Dom when he confronts a bigoted redneck. The redneck proceeds to punch Dom in the stomach, and soon enough, Dom begins to fall ill. Alice, freaking out upon learning what had happened, takes the boys to her boss’ Rich’s house. When Rich arrives, things soon about to go from bad to worse for Benjamin and Dom. Will they be able to make it out and what happens when they discover the source of the drugs as well?

From the mind of Carter Smith comes this film that blends LGBT+ drama, body horror, and psychological horror. Some veterans team up with some relative newcomers for this thrilling film that starts out cute but soon amps up the tension once our protagonists Benjamin and Dom meet with the mysterious Alice. The performances from the four core performers are amazing, especially with the return of one particular horror great.

Cooper Koch and Jose Colon show amazing chemistry in the roles of Benjamin and Dom, the LGBT+ best friends who are set to go their separate ways due to Benjamin’s leaving to pursue his dream. The two start the film dancing and having a good time, but Dom has this concern that leads to the basis of the film. However, they attempt to overcome the odds when all hell breaks loose. Benjamin is clearly the concerned type while Dom is the more optimistic type until his confrontation with a bigot forces him to face the consequences he must endure.

Jena Malone’s Alice is unhinged from the moment you meet her. She is shocked to see Benjamin and goes off the deep end. When she informs the two that they have to swallow the drugs as part of the transport, the reluctance leads them to Alice forcing them at gunpoint. She delves deeper further into madness upon learning what had happened between Dom and the bigot. However, the big surprise comes in the form of Mark Patton, who makes a triumphant role to the genre with his role of big boss Rich, who also is freaked out with the consequences of what happened but finds himself strangely attracted by Benjamin, which leads to a sort of psychological warfare between the two. Patton, the star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, is at his most comfortable with his role in the film and it is great to see him return to the genre in a more amazing manner with his role of “big boss” Rich.

Swallowed is a great film that is driven by the chemistry of leads Cooper Koch and Jose Colon, an unhinged Jena Malone, and a welcome return from the great Mark Patton. This is one of the best films to be released so far this year.


Momentum Pictures presents an All the Dead Boys production. Director: Carter Smith. Producers: Carter Smith, Helio Campos, Noah Lang, and Ross O’Connor. Writer: Carter Smith. Cinematography: Alexander W. Lewis. Editing: Eric Nagy.

Cast: Cooper Koch, Jose Colon, Jena Malone, Mark Patton.

The film will be released on Digital and On Demand February 14.