It’s another holiday rom-com as this one involves the trend of “catfishing” that could end up either way for our protagonist.

Leslie is a successful businesswoman who does excellent in her job. However, she seems to have bad luck in the love department. When her boyfriend proposes to her, he takes it back on account of his father, who fears she is a gold digger. Hurt and alone, she returns to her hometown to see her parents and little sister Faith, who is expecting. When she sees a commercial featuring football player Mike Avery, she is smitten with the pro and Faith soon gets an idea.

Faith decides to create a fake profile of Mike to get Leslie’s attention. It is not to be mean, but rather she can find herself in a much-needed good place. When Mike is involved in a charity dating auction, Faye wins to get Leslie a date with Mike without her knowing the truth. Meanwhile, Devin, Leslie’s childhood friend, slowly begins to have feelings for her and learning about Mike, becomes determined to find a way to win Leslie’s heart in time for Christmas.

Directed by The Young and the Restless actor Victoria Rowell, this may seem like another Hallmark/Lifetime romantic comedy and while it seems to be that way, the film’s theme of the social trend of “catfishing” brings something new and fresh to the genre in terms of its holiday setting. Thankfully, an ensemble of young and veteran actors helps make this watchable.

Leigh-Ann Rose makes a really good lead in Leslie, who in the beginning is ecstatic upon learning her boyfriend proposes to her. However, within the first ten minutes, we see her go from happy to heartbreak. The reason why she never brings it up upon her return to her family is because of the embarrassment she felt. We see a side of her where she hides her feelings and tries to be strong for the family but she’s not happy. The film is her holiday journey of finding love, well, more like her sister trying to find love for her.

The two guys vying for Leslie’s heart couldn’t be more opposite of each other. There’s Mike, played by Anthony Riggins Jr., the professional football player who, thanks to Faith, gets a bit enamored with Leslie after their first date. However, as the film progresses, a side familiar with celebrities starts to slowly come out, making our protagonist question herself. Meanwhile, there’s the good-natured and level-headed Devin, played by Devin Laster. He’s the hometown boy who stayed there and has done well for himself and even with two high school friends who serve as the film’s comic relief, Devin manages to keep his composure through the film as he will do what it takes to win the heart of his childhood friend.

Catfish Christmas takes the holiday romantic comedy and brings a bit of the serious issue of “catfishing” in the mix. However, the ensemble cast definitely drives the film in a mix of comic relief and romantic drama.


Vision Films presents a Lone Morsel Productions film. Director: Victoria Rowell. Producer: Frank Merle. Writer: Dara Frazier. Cinematography: Danilo Rodriguez. Editing: Gary Lee Cohen.

Cast: Leigh-Ann Rose, Tony Todd, Ella Joyce, Charlotte Evelyn Williams, Devin Laster, Anthony Riggins Jr., Yancey Fuqua, Nick Scott, Jon Kent Etheridge, Jonathan Leigh West, Brianne Dolney.

The film will be released on Digital on December 1.