Four friends play a game that doesn’t go as planned in this multi-viewed thriller from director Scooter Corkle.

Cotton Allen is a teenager who goes to a garage sale and there, she meets a mysterious woman who offers to sell her a game. A game about friendship. An oddly-shaped sphere will determine if the friends Cotton have are her real friends and all they have to do is tell the truth. Cotton decides to buy the game and she has found her three best friends to play the game. Her friends are the eclectic Zooza, the level-headed Rob, and wallflower Courtney.

When the group plays the game, things become quite interesting when during a party, Cotton runs into a mysterious stranger and then disappears never to return. As Zooza learns of her friend’s disappearance, she decides to investigate and along the way, retraces her steps with everything that’s happened. Zooza soon discovers some shocking secrets amongst her friends and learns that the new game that Cotton has brought is not what it seems to be. Can she find a way to somehow beat the game and even in the process, get her friend back?

This is a very strange film that I had to watch twice to make sure I picked up everything. It’s one of those you may need to hit the pause button if you need to get a snack. The reason is because this film is multi-viewed, and it helps to get the point of views from those involved to understand the story of the film. It seems at first that it’s a simple film about a “game”, which takes shape as a sphere and four friends playing the titular game and one would think if someone lies, something sinister will happen right then and there. Kind of like a more serious version of Gatlopp, a horror-comedy involving four friends that was released earlier this year.

However, director Scooter Corkle and screenwriter Damien Ober do something different. We end up getting the events of Cotton’s disappearance from the points of view from mainly Zooza and Rob, the latter who clearly has a crush on the former and is somehow connected. Zooza is played by Peyton List, who has clearly left the Disney circuit and is seriously kicking butt on Cobra Kai these days. Here, she plays somewhat of a odd character who is trying to solve the mystery of her friend’s disappearance. This leads to some dissentions in her relationships with not only her friends, but her family as well.

Brendan Meyer, known for his roles on The OA and Color Out of Space, is excellent as Rob, who deep inside has a crush on Zooza and in one scene, reveals how he feels which leads to something unexpected. However, it is also Rob who discovers the game is what’s causing all the chaos. We see Zooza possibly seeing who may be responsible for Cotton’s disappearance but as one watches the film, we even see and feel the same thing Zooza feels and it makes one wonder….is everything as it seems to be seen? Or is the game really messing with our heads?

The Friendship Game is a very strange but interesting visual trip from different points of view. Peyton List and Brendan Meyer are excellent here as they continue to rise as amazing young talents who can drive a film with ease.


RLJE Films presents a Scythia Films production in association with Social Construct. Director: Scooter Corkle. Producer: Daniel Bekerman. Writer: Damien Ober. Cinematography: Farhad Ghaderi. Editing: Matt Lyon.

Cast: Peyton List, Brendan Meyer, Kaitlyn Santa Juana, Kelcey Mawema, Dylan Schombing, Miriam Smith, Jennifer Copping, Miranda Edwards, Lynn White, Maria Hart, Annette Reilly.

The film is now playing in select theaters, On Demand, and Digital from RLJE Films.