A job on a boat turns into something unbelievable in this wild horror comedy from filmmaker Mark Allen Michaels.

Max and Del are best buddies who would do anything for one another. When Del gets an offer to act as a bodyguard aboard a ship, he offers Max to join him. At first, Max seems reluctant until he meets Sarah, a journalist who is joining the trip. Max instantly falls in love with her and every chance they see each other, his love for her continues to grow. However, this is one budding romance that is set to be short-lived.

When the mess hall staff is found dead, the doctor onboard the ship breaks the news that she had discovered the corpse of a 4000-year-[old vampire. The doctor brought the vampire to see if she can find the fountain of youth. However, she is aware of the 50-50 chance that people could die and she finds the dead ones nothing more than expendable. When Max learns Sarah has been victimized by the vampire, he decides to rescue his love only to find himself dying and coming back to life. In addition, the doctor is shocked to learn Max is immune to vampire bites. Max not only must do what it takes to rescue Sarah but learn the shocking truth about his immunity.

A wild ride of a film from indie filmmaker Mark Allen Michaels, this sounds like something that could be in the vein of Snakes on a Plane just by title alone. However, this movie has quite the amazing twist of the film with our hero Max becoming more than he seems to be and we learn this only a third of its 71-minute running time.

Michaels’ frequent collaborator Dallas Valdez is excellent in the role of Max. He comes off with a vibe similar to Patrick Swayze’s Dalton in Road House. He is tough, but a likable fellow as well. This proves to be true when it comes to his budding romance with Sarah, played by former VH1 and G4 host Carrie Keagan. Max loves Sarah so much that when it seems he is about to be down and out, he envisions Sarah motivating him to keep the fight going. It gets wilder when we learn Max is immune and can take a beating when his first encounter results in his buddy accidentally plunging an axe to Max’s head and the man is still alive as if nothing happened!

The vampires’ scenes are pretty wicked as they are the result of either a bite from the head vampire, who resembles more like Eddie Munster, or some tainted food. The latter comes when a ship worker begins to get violently ill before transforming. Alongside the vampiric action are running gags in which there are two “long term stowaways” appear in the form of a crazy man with a puppet and a so-called Hugh Hefner-looking debonair wannabe who constantly runs into Max and Del.

VampyrZ on a Boat is a fun time-waster that will please those who love a taste of both the vampirific and the campiness. Dallas Valdez’s protagonist is more than a likable lovestruck hero and the vampire scenes will please horror fans.


Random Media presents a Firebreathing Films production. Director: Mark Allen Michaels. Producers: Mark Allen Michaels and Stefan Colson. Writer: Mark Allen Michaels. Cinematography: Stefan Colson. Editing: Mark Allen Michaels.

Cast: Dallas Valdez, Carrie Keagan, Curt Lambert, Keagan Wells, Kate Rees Davies.