Two friends and a woman find themselves in a love triangle that goes completely amok in this film that best meshes The Evil Dead with Groundhog Day.

After leaving town for a while, Jon has returned home and is welcomed by his best friend Frank. Frank informs Jon that they have been invited to go on a hunting trip and the one who invited them is Marjorie. Marjorie is Jon’s ex-girlfriend and Frank claims that while he was gone, he and Marjorie had gotten together, a claim she denies. Despite the claims, Jon and Frank refuse to let Marjorie be the thing to break apart their friendship…or so they think.

During a day of hunting, an argument between the friends ensues and in a fit of rage, Jon shoots Frank, killing him. Or so he thinks. When he arrives back to the cabin, he is shocked to learn Frank is alive. Soon enough, Frank retaliates and kills Jon, but Jon is also still alive. The duo soon learns that the land they are hunting on is cursed and no matter how much they try to off each other, they can’t die. When Marjorie learns the truth, something more sinister is set for her. Can this trio make it out alive or will it be too late?

This is truly a year for indie horror films and this horror-comedy, co-penned by director Hunter Johnson, Chuck Wagner, and co-star Jody Barton, is a fun film that tales the likes of The Evil Dead and meshing it up with time loop films like Groundhog Day and the Happy Death Day franchise. The film has basically three cast members who work well together and enjoy both the scares and the hijinks that endure in its 80-minute runtime.

Barton and Trae Ireland and fun to watch as frenemies Jon and Frank, who seem to have a love-hate relationship but become rivals when it comes to the love of Marjorie, played by Eva Hamilton. Marjorie clearly seems more into one than the other throughout the film and it shows in what is the first few minutes of the film, set later in the film. Out of the trio, it’s clear Marjorie is the most level-headed one of the trio as she tends to act as a glue between the unraveled friendship that slowly deteriorates as the film goes on.

Now onto the kills, which are basically all consisting between Jon and Frank. The various ways these two are constantly killing each other are not only insane, but they are so much fun to watch. From getting blown away with a shotgun to one getting decapitated with a chainsaw, the latter will bring to mind more of Re-Animator and The Evil Dead. When something happens to Marjorie, it just adds to the madness and overall, it leads to a wild finale!

Sawed Off is wild fun where we see two friends constantly killing each other off with Eva Hamilton as a mediator between the duo. It’s just a good fun popcorn film that horror fans are sure to enjoy.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a LAHorrorCom production in association with Millman Productions and Ireland Entertainment Productions. Director: Hunter Johnson. Producers: Richard Trejo, Jody Barton, Cristobal Hernandez, Trae Ireland, and Hunter Johnson. Writers: Hunter Johnson, Jody Barton, and Chuck Wagner; based on Wagner’s story “Bag Limit” in Tales of Terror. Cinematography: Richard Trejo. Editing: Hunter Johnson.

Cast: Eva Hamilton, Jody Barton, Trae Ireland.

The film will be released on DVD and Digital on October 11.