A reunion between an estranged father and daughter is cut short by a devastating car accident in this intense atmospheric thriller from director Brandon Slagle.

Abby hasn’t seen her dad Grant in five years. However, she decides to reach out to him in hopes to rekindle their relationship. She comes with a surprise in the form of a pregnancy. At first, Grant is excited to see Abby again. However, that night, Grant’s drinking gets the best of him and two engage in another argument. Scared of losing his daughter again, Grant finally lets his reasoning behind what transpired five years ago happen and he apologizes. Abby forgives him and they are ready to start over.

The next day, Grant has an idea to take Abby to the lake where they used to spend during her childhood. He decides to leave Abby’s phone in the cabin so there wouldn’t be distractions. En route to the lake, Grant loses control of the car and the two end up in an embankment with Abby seriously injured when a branch from one of the trees impales her stomach. When Grant is able to be free, he learns that Abby’s side of the car leads straight off the embankment. He tells Abby he’s going to send for help. Now all alone in the car, Abby must struggle to stay alive when a winter storm is impending.

The claustrophobic horror film is staying alive and well. With the upcoming They Crawl Beneath as well as thrillers such as Buried to name a few, this entry from Brandon Slagle seems like a slow burn style film. However, while the setup to the events has a range of emotion between two, the final ten minutes are going to be ten minutes that are guaranteed to have people talking.

The driving force of the film is the character of Abby, played by one of the millennium’s new horror queens Devanny Pinn (who also produced the film). When we see her at first, she is worried about how her father will react to the news she’s pregnant after not seeing him in five years. However, once we see her with her dad Grant, played by the legend that is Vernon Wells, things start off well but soon get rocky after dinner. This is where the emotional breakdown between father and daughter happens and leads to a sense of redemption with Grant finally realizing his mistakes and wants nothing more than to have his daughter back in his life.

It is when we witness the devastating accident and its aftermath that Pinn really stands out. Most of the film revolves around her in the car struggling to fight for her life while pinned inside a car. The reason is because if she even attempts to get out of the car on her side, she will fall into the embankment and die. We see her having to resort to doing some unthinkable things to stay alive while her dad attempts to get help. The final ten minutes of the film are perhaps the most shocking of the film and will make you cringe, and scream guaranteed.

Frost is destined to the breakout role new millennium scream queen Devanny Pinn will have as a bonafide lead. She exudes emotion and shock value to her role with the legendary Vernon Wells making the most of his role as her father.


Cleopatra Entertainment presents a Snow Leopard Entertainment production in association with JCB Pictures and Sandaled Kid Productions. Director: Brandon Slagle. Producer: Devanny Pinn. Writer: Robert Thompson; story by James Cullen Bressack. Cinematography: Kelton Jones. Editing: Wayne Kent.

Cast: Devanny Pinn, Vernon Wells, Venus DeMilo Thomas, Shadow.

The film will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital on October 11.