A deputy must face his past demons to stop a presence he unleashed in this horror thriller that doesn’t get gory until its third act.

At a mental facility, Deputy Fisher is a patient meeting with Doctor Sawyer. He has been accused of killing his boss, Sheriff Winters, in cold blood, but he claims it wasn’t him but rather the work of a demonic presence. Fisher begins to tell his story. It all started with a dead woman who is found near a cabin. Winters asked Fisher to keep an eye on the body while the family of the victim head on their way to identify her.

Bored, Fisher looks for clues and comes across a book on demonology inside the victim’s car. Thinking nothing of things, he begins to read the book and soon enough, it will be a decision he will regret. He begins to hear voices on his police channel. When Winters returns to check up on him, he begins to suspect that he has accidentally unleashed a demonic presence as Winters begins to look and act different. He soon realizes that he must go to great lengths to destroy the demonic presence before he becomes the next victim.

For D.M. Cunningham, his ambitious project of a demonic possession film as seen through the eyes of the person who accidentally unleashed it is actually pretty good in terms of its storytelling and use of practical effects. Co-written with star Peter Tell, Cunningham brings in some many twists and turns that keep the story going and make this a demonic movie worth checking out.

Peter Tell is excellent in the role of Fisher, our protagonist who finds himself at the constant mercy of a demonic presence, which serves as punishment for well, unleashing it. There are moments when it looks like Fisher is about to bite the big one, or even does so, only to come back for more torture. Perhaps it is because he isn’t doing his job properly or there is something more sinister under the surface for our lead, who tells his story from a mental asylum as he talks to Doctor Sawyer, played by Sherryl Despres.

Haley Heslip is also great in the role of Sheriff Winters. She has a no-nonsense approach in the role but as the film progresses, we see Winters act and even sport a different more horrific look because we learn she has been possessed by the demonic presence Fisher has unleashed. She even forces or attempts Fisher to succumb to temptation. It seems like Winters seems to have some sort of crush on Fisher which is amplified by the demonic presence, when she gives him opera tickets and later, asks him to dance with her.

3 Demons is a crazy ride of a film that is told in flashback and has great performances by Peter Tell and Haley Heslip, combined with some twists and turns and gets insanely gory in the third act with a taste of insanity.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Cold Winters production in association with Night Prowler Video. Director: D.M. Cunningham. Producers: D.M. Cunningham, Keith Golinski, and Brian Hillard. Writers: D.M. Cunningham and Peter Tell. Cinematography: Keith Golinski. Editing: D.M. Cunningham.

Cast: Peter Tell, Haley Heslip, Sherryl Despres, Zoe Cunningham, Laura Golinski.