This is one Mister Rogers-inspired short film sure to give creepypasta fans a run for their money.

It is time for Uncle Bobbo’s Christmas Kwanzaa Happy Hanukah Winter Solstice Annual Sacrifice Holiday Special! Today, Uncle Bobbo reveals a tire, and he asks you, the audience, where tires come from. They are made of oil and where does oil come from? He brings out his special guest, Purity, explains that oil comes from a tycoon who offers money to drill the oil which will result in making a lot of money. Uncle Bobbo explains oil actually comes from another source, that of dinosaurs!

From the opening scene, where director Joe Badon is asked what his film is about to the final scene, where Joe explains to his actress about the character she would be playing, this is a wild fun short from Badon. The lead character, Uncle Bobbo, is played by Vincent Stalba, who is a demented version of Mister Rogers. Stalba plays it off very nicely and if Mister Rogers ever had a “creepypasta”, this would be the best way to describe it. There is one instance where one wonders how young Purity can keep a straight face when listening to Uncle Bobbo because his talking can be quite funny. It’s even funnier when young Purity explains oil in a reference to a famous 1960s sitcom about a man named Jed and his family.

Explaining that oil is actually the eponymous “blood of dinosaurs”, it soon delves into something completely off the grid. It leads to a video clip where oil is being drilled and it juxtaposes with a tasteful version of certain adult material with complete 70s style music of that particular genre. This leads to first a random clip then an older version of the Purity character about to give birth where she sees a lunatic decked out in a uniform reminiscent of the cult classic Alice Sweet Alice and Purity going full Exorcist.

At a runtime of 18 minutes, Blood of the Dinosaurs is a fun and demented film that could serve as a “creepypasta” should Mister Rogers had apparently done an episode. Joe Badon gave us a great short that should be talked about all thanks to Vincent Stalba’s excellent performance as Uncle Bobbo and the madness that we see in the explanations of where oil comes from.


A Two Headed Venus Production. Director: Joe Badon. Producers: Joe Badon, Joseph Estrade, Katie Weiss Porter, Maayan Israel, and Miles David Handler. Writers: Joe Badon and Jason Kruppa. Cinematography: Daniel Waghorne. Editing: Joseph Estrade.

Cast: Vincent Stalba, Miles David Handler, Kali Russell, Jeff Pearson, Stella Creel, John Davis (voice)

You can catch the film at the HollyShorts Film Festival on August 13th during the Midnight Madness block. (In-person and streaming August 11th – 20th 2022).