It’s time for another Trailer Watch, where we highlight three new films that are set to attract genre fans! So here we go…

First, after a 1-minute tease last month, we finally have the official trailer to Rob Zombie‘s The Munsters, his big screen adaptation of the classic 1960s series about a benevolent monster family. However, from the trailer, it looks to be an origin love story of how Herman met Lily. Jeff Daniel Phillips plays Herman. Sheri Moon Zombie, Rob’s wife, plays Lily with Dan Roebuck, as the County, Lily’s father. The film co-stars Richard Brake, Cassandra Peterson, and original Munsters stars Pat Priest and Butch Patrick.

The film will be coming out exclusively on Netflix in September.

Esther is back in the prequel to the hit horror surprise Orphan. In Orphan: First Kill, Esther’s terrifying saga continues in this thrilling prequel to the original and shocking horror hit, Orphan.  After orchestrating a brilliant escape from an Estonian psychiatric facility, Esther travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. Yet, an unexpected twist arises that pits her against a mother who will protect her family from the murderous “child” at any cost.

Isabelle Furhman returns to the role of Esther and is now joined by Rossif Sutherland and Julia Stiles. The film was written by David Coggeshall and directed by William Brent Bell.

The film will be released in theaters, Digital, and on Paramount+ on August 19.

Finally, we have an ultra revenge film in The Retaliators, which features appearances by some of your favorite heavy metal and hard rock stars. The film revolves around a pastor seeking revenge for the brutal death of his daughter. Michael Lombardi, Joseph Gatt, and Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix are amongst cameos from the likes of Tommy Lee, Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, The Hu‘s Jaya, and many more!

The film will be released in select theaters on September 14 from CineLife Entertainment and Trafalgar.