A radio DJ and his crew are in for the roughest night of their lives in the latest gorefest from Todd Sheets.

Roland Bennett is a local radio DJ who is having a bad day. He is on the verge of divorce and as he gears up for his nightly talk show, On Through the Night, he gets calls from unconvincing callers, which infuriates him even more. When a caller who calls himself “The Outsider” tells Roland his plans to take eight people and sacrifice them to appease a Druid goddess, Roland sees it as another crank call and goes ballistic. However, soon enough, the crank call is actually a reality. After a second call, the police is called.

After dispatching three victims, the Outsider decides to invade the radio station. He first kills the security guard and when he shuts down the station, Roland, his engineer Jason, his producer Jessica, and his soon-to-be-ex wife Claire attempt to find a way out. When a detective is brought in to investigate and help Claire out, he is killed by the Outsider and now, no one is safe. Things take a turn for the worse with Roland when he discovers something more shocking, making this a night he will never forget.

Todd Sheets is without a doubt becoming of the greats in indie horror films today with his no holds barred approached to bring some old school splatter in the vein of 80s horror classics. The film will brings to mind many gore and horror greats, from Herschell Gordon Lewis’ groundbreaking Blood Feast to even Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in terms of the central character being a radio DJ, this is one film that goes from insane to even more insane in terms of kills and even more shock value.

The cast brings out the best in terms of great over the top performances, which actually is a good thing compared to other OTT performances which can hinder a film. Douglas Epps is excellent as radio talk show host Roland, who from his introduction, clearly is having a bad day and yet still tends to stretch his massive ego. Rachel Lagen, as producer Jessica and Alex Brotherton, as engineer Jason, attempt to keep him calm when he freaks out over the calls he receives.

It is when we are introduced to Jack McCord’s The Outsider that things really go crazy. Think of the Outsider as the Fuad Ramses of the film, sacrificing various victims to appease a goddess as he claims to be a descendant of the Druids. This guy has the profile of a crazed killer, and he is just wildly insane. He has this obsession with Roland when he’s not brutalizing and killing various people. And speaking of that, the kill scenes are the piece de resistance as they pay homage to the likes of Lewis and 80’s splatter horror. Up-close shots of impalings, disembowlments, and in the case of one victim, getting an impromptu enema, the kills scenes are extremely graphic and will guarantee to please the best of gorehounds with its practical effects.

Final Caller is a great horror film that relies on its practical effects for its graphic kill scenes, some fun over the top performances of its cast, and a very shocking twist that clocks in halfway through the film. If you’re a gorehound, this will be destined to please you.


Wild Eye Releasing and Fuzzy Puppy Filmworx presents an Extreme Entertainment production. Director: Todd Sheets. Producers: Amanda Payton, Jack McCord, and Todd Sheets. Writer: Todd Sheets. Cinematography: Todd Sheets. Editing; Todd Sheets.

Cast: Douglas Epps, Rachel Lagen, Alex Brotherton, Jack McCord, Jane Plumberg, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Antwoine Steele, Erin Wolfe, Logan Elizabeth Giesing, Jordan Bryson.

The film will be released on DVD and Digital on July 5, 2022.