With the upcoming Gunfight at Rio Bravo set to be released sometime later this year, production has officially wrapped on the film’s sequel.

WorldFilmGeek Hall of Famer Alexander Nevsky has announced that Taken from Rio Bravo has completed shooting in Arizona. Directed by the new “indie Western king” Joe Cornet, the film reunites Nevsky with Matthias Hues and features a cast of some veterans during the B-movie era of action films in the 80s and 90s.

In the sequel, set in East Texas in 1874, two friends go after the Posse, a sadistic group of human traffickers who have kidnapped five women. With the help of a Native American scout, the duo must track down and stop the traffickers before the women are sold to a group of buyers in Mexico.

Legendary martial artists Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock co-star along with director Cornet, Irina Antonenko, Kerry Goodwin, James Chalke, and John Fallon. Art Camacho returns as well to serve as the film’s stunt coordinator and fight choreographer. The film is written by Craig Hamann with cinematography by Sam Wilkerson. Sean Murray is set to score the film with Cody Miller serving as editor.

The trailer will debut at September’s International Film Martet in Toronto, Canada.

Images (top L-R): Alexander Nevsky and James Chalke; Irina Antonenko; Alexander Nevsky and Joe Cornet. (Bottom L-R): Cynthia Rothrock and Alexander Nevsky; Alexander Nevsky